How to Create a Custom URL on Google Plus

Last Update: April 23, 2017

Are you wanting to customize your Google plus account and get rid of those unsightly numbers at the end of your URL?

It’s quite easy to do, but first know that Google requires you at least have a profile photo, and that you have either 10 or more followers or your account is at least 30 days old.

You may also change your custom URL up to 3 times per year. But just remember if you do this, all links to your profile from the previous URL will no longer work and will need to be updated if being used.

To customize your URL, first go to your Google Plus Profile page.

Then click on “About” next to “Edit Profile”.

A new window should open up.
Under the Sites section, click on the little pencil in the top right corner.

Next, Sites will expand and you will see in blue "Custom URLs". Below this you is where you can click, edit, and create a custom one of your own.

Below is mine (after the change)... Before yours is changed initially it will show your predetermined ID numbers instead. What mine looks like as it is now changed:

There you have it folks, you can now create a custom URL of your choice on Google plus, which will help tremendously with branding and gaining the trust of your audience!

I hope this has helped you...
Have a blessed day,

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thanks for sharing
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You are welcome!
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Was just googling this last night as I was falling asleep on my Found your post this morning. Thanks for the info Jen!
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No problem, glad it helped you! :)
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Thank you for the great information. I'm going to start that right now!!!! Ours is success and well being.
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You are welcome! Glad to help :)