First of all, when you write a post where does it go on your website? By default, your posts actually go to a page. The page that comes up when you log into your website. This page might only show as a custom link on your menu. Are you confused? I know I was when I first started.

Posts will go on this blog page or blog roll. On a WordPress website this is your "Front page" . The blog page is the default "Front page" for WordPress sites and is usually denoted is the "Home" page with it's URL your website address.

  • P.S. You can make a post sticky; so it will always be on top on this page, by clicking on "Visibility", in the "Publish" box on the right, when you are in the post edit screen.

If you decide you would rather have one of you pages be the "Front page" or "Home page" this is easy to do. Although you might have to set up a page to display your posts. This page is called a static front page because it doesn't change. (If you have the post page for your front page it will always display your most recent post - unless you make one "sticky")

Sometimes in switching to a static "Front page" you "lose" your posts so you can't navigate to them. Don't worry any posts you have written will still be there - you just need to create a page to display them.That is what happened to me.

I have a theme that doesn't support a sidebar and has only one menu and no widgets.
When I changed to a static "Front" page, only the pages I had created were listed in the "Post" page selection drop down box. Because I didn't want any of them to be the post page, I left the post page selection blank.

My static Front page now linked to my website URL and became the "Home" on my menu This menu was my only navigation and I could not link to my posts as only the pages were showing. Being a newbie at the time, I was totally lost and couldn't figure out what had happened to my posts. I understand now that I needed to create a page to display my posts on my menu and make it the Post page.

If your theme is different than mine you may not need to set up a "Blog" page when setting up a static "Front" page. Your theme may give you a blog post page in the Post page selection box. But if you do need to set up a blog post page - here is how to do it.

Go into your WordPress Dashboard and create and publish a new page called Blog or whatever name you would like. You don't need to write anything on this page, but you can write something to display above your blogs if you wish.This will be your new "Posts page" Your posts will show up there - with the most current on top.

I will tell you about setting up a static "Front Page" on the next page.

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emergent Premium
Thank you, this has been very helpful.

RoyMolyneux Premium
Thanks for this informative post.
PLH Premium
Your welcome
MommyonFire Premium
Thank you! This is helpful!
LindaCooke Premium
Thank you, I will try this.
PLH Premium
If you have a problem let me know.
LindaCooke Premium
This worked great. It was easy to follow. Thank you so very much. ;)
jrmcd1 Premium
PLH, not quite true, on wordpress which was designed for posting your post will always show up in preference to a page.
Removing the sample post does not remove the ability for your posts to appear on the front page.
If you remove the sample post, just write a new one and publish it and it will be on your front page.
The only time your page will take precedence over the posts is if you go to your settings page and set up a particular page as the front page.
All the best