By default your blog roll is displayed on the "Front page". But suppose you don't want your visitors landing on your blog roll when they come into your site. You would rather have them see a different page. It is very simple to change the "Front page" from the blog roll to a static "Front page" and back again.

To choose a page for the "Front page" is quite simple. There may be different ways of doing this depending on your theme.

On the left side or the Word Press Dashboard highlight "Settings" and click on "Reading" in the drop down menu.

To change front page to a static page:

  1. Click on "A static page" to the right of "Front page displays"
  2. Pick a "Front page" from the drop down box.
  3. Pick a "Posts"page from the drop down box
  4. Save your settings

Change a static front page to a post blog roll

  1. Click on "Your latest posts"
  2. Save your settings

Sometimes you can set up a static page in "Appearance", "Customize", "Static Front Page". Your theme could be different

Next I will tell you about blog navigation.

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emergent Premium
Thank you, this has been very helpful.

RoyMolyneux Premium
Thanks for this informative post.
PLH Premium
Your welcome
MommyonFire Premium
Thank you! This is helpful!
LindaCooke Premium
Thank you, I will try this.
PLH Premium
If you have a problem let me know.
LindaCooke Premium
This worked great. It was easy to follow. Thank you so very much. ;)
jrmcd1 Premium
PLH, not quite true, on wordpress which was designed for posting your post will always show up in preference to a page.
Removing the sample post does not remove the ability for your posts to appear on the front page.
If you remove the sample post, just write a new one and publish it and it will be on your front page.
The only time your page will take precedence over the posts is if you go to your settings page and set up a particular page as the front page.
All the best