Images, Top Menu, Content, Links


Are the images complimenting each other?
Are the images blurry?
To big? To Small?
Are they clickable, and if so, where are they going?If they are clickable do they open in a new tab?

Top menu:

Where do you want people to go?
What do you want people to do?

That should be in the top menu.

Is there a privacy policy? An affiliate disclaimer? Tell people to get it into a site bar menu or in the footer.


How does it look?
Are there many CAPITALS and !!! Placed?
Does it scream into your face?
Are there many RED lines?
Is there a call to action? DaButtonFactory


Click every link you see, where does it go? Are they working correct?
Does the link open into a new window?
Are there too many affiliate links to the same site?
Have they attached a WA affiliate link to every sentence?
Are there external and internal links?

When links are not opening into a new window, you easily lose track of the website, you can get it back with the command: Ctrl + Shift + T

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Chizz Premium
This is a really detailed training on how to do a proper feedback. Thanks Loes:)
Loes Premium
You're very welcome:)
Judy-B Premium
Hi Loes,
Thank you for the tutorial. I have a question about affiliate disclaimer. My site says I have the plugin and it's activated, but I don't see it on my site. Where should it be? Thanks.
Loes Premium
What is your url? And which plugin?
Judy-B Premium
The plugin is Affiliate Disclosure Statement and my site URL is Is that what you wanted? Thanks so much.
Loes Premium
For that plugin, you have to add a shortcode in your widget
anusuya1 Premium
Thank you, Loes. Will use it in the near future. Saved it.
Loes Premium
Nice, thank you!
Triblu Premium
Heeey Loes... Thank YOU for yet another great tutorial!

Liked and tagged for sharing in the future.
Loes Premium
Thanks Trish:)
heljam404A Premium
Thanks, Loes, I really enjoyed the training.
Loes Premium
Thank you Robert, you're welcome:)