Head over to UberSuggest.org

Type in your seed keyword and hit "Suggest"

Take a look at the suggested list of keywords you're now given (all scraped from Google Suggest)

Proceed to the next page to find out how to cherry pick your keywords and select them.

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TJ Books Premium
I posted a blog on this on July 4, 2012: Haben Sie etwas Spaß Mit http://ubersuggest.org/. I'm glad you made a tutorial. I love it as a first kick at a niche then I switch to JAA'xY. I'm sure my blog title in German was confusing but I though maybe memeres would be curious. Tnx. John
Goldenlady Premium
Your explanations are easy to follow. Thanks for this information.
Adi2008 Premium
Thanks for the comment Goldenlady!
Kyle Premium Plus
Been awhile since I used "uber" but I remember it being a great tool for coming up with ideas. The Google instant technique for the alphabet I have written about a few times (type The Alphabet Soup technique into Google). It works very well and can be used with any keyword tool including the one here at Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy.com.
Very Insightful. Thanks man
BIS Premium
Very useful indeed. Thanks for sharing.