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Paid or professional themes for Wordpress

As many of you already know, choosing your themes is very important so as to get the right look and feel of the website you are building in your niche

So the first thing I will say is this, its really important to remember what is the most important part of your whole online business and that is your content, to give you an example I have just recently purchased some more training in email marketing, there was only one thing that made me buy this product and that was the very low price.

I did not purchase this product because the website I was on had really fancy banners or pictures or one of those picture gallery's that seem so popular theses days.

So when choosing a theme the best why to think is this, what is the best theme that will display my content in an easy to read and easy to access way, in other words


So what I am going to do is show you around one of the most popular bogging themes on the internet and also give you a run down on the benefits of investing in a paid theme for your business as well as addressing some of the most commonly asked questions about themes in WordPress

1. What is a child theme

The best way to explain it is like a car, WordPress is the engine of the car and the theme is the spray paint of the paint job, it gives it a style. When you use a theme with a child theme you have to upload 2 files instated of one. You upload the framework first then the child theme.

The picture above is what you should see when your theme is uploaded and activated

The framework is the engine of the theme and the child theme is the style, in the car analogy you have just supercharged the engine of WordPress because the framework is like having a better engine that does more things and has more bells and whistles.

It gives you greater functionality and when to comes to web design functionality is everything, not only that its easy to use and comes with a full instruction manual. Its like going from a family saloon to a sports car

How to upload and active a theme that has a child theme

With most themes you want to use you just upload the theme and click activate and that's it

To use a theme with a framework and a child theme the following steps need to be taken

1. Have the theme files somewhere on your computer that is easy to access

2. Go to appearance>>themes>> click add new

3. Select the framework file and click upload

4. Once this file has uploaded, Do not click activate

5. Click add new again, upload child theme

6. Now click activate.

END - Your theme should now be activated you have now activated the engine and the style sheet and your ready to go

Next lesson - What are the benefits of a professional paid theme

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Great training Barry. Bookmarked. .Thanks. .
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I will probably buy a theme sometime. Did not know that the free ones quit updating after awhile. Thank you for this training. Will bookmark it. :)
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Excellent training! As a side note....did you happen to see the article about the new popularity of adult coloring? It was on Yahoo within the last few weeks.....hope it proves to help your endeavors!
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Great content. Very thorough. Well done!!!