Once you click on the support tab in the help center you are able to pick through a variety of options to pinpoint exactly what you need help from support with.

To initiate a website transfer from another hosts follow the steps below.

Firstly, it may sound wrong, but 'click the YES' button that asks: If this question is related to your website?

When you click the yes tab you are asked to choose the domain that it is related to. Your second decision is about domains.

You are then presented with an option to click a tab that indicated the domain is 'not listed' as an option, you can and should click that button!

The 3rd box lets you pick exactly what "service" you need from the support team at Wealthy Affiliate.

Click the Impost Website option and the last step you have left to do we'll cover next..

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colourblind Premium
So glad I got the help from @NewLaurie to find this info!
ChrissieDM Premium
Thanks so much, mission0ps for laying out the steps - I am just about to transfer my website as have just moved my domains to WA - the support is amazing here including these tutorials!
ChrisShouse Premium
Thanks very informative :)
mission0ps Premium
Hopefully Helpful Chris :o)
rjkennedy Premium
Thanks for sharing this info
mission0ps Premium
No worries buddy
Triblu Premium
Perfect tutorial Tony, Thank YOU!
Tagged for sharing in the future and "Like"'d.

Why are some members claiming their hosts are requesting nameserver address as IP numbers now? I find that to be a strange request, yet more and more newer members are asking for that information.
mission0ps Premium
Hi Trish,
Thanks for your kind words. You know what...

I've no idea why hosts are requesting IP numbers, I got a message from a new member asking the same thing. Hence I decided to do a quick & dirty tutorial showing how easy it really is here ar WA :o)