Traffic generation is the headache of all website owners as well as online business entrepreneurs.

Owning a website alone isn't a profitable venture if you cannot monetize it. That is to say, if you have a website and can not generate any revenue from it, then you are better off not owning a website at all.

Running a website is similar to running a brick and block company in real life. If you have a physical building and location as a company and you cannot generate any revenue from it, and only incurring fixed cost such as paying for rent, taxes and utility bills (in the case of a website, paying for web hosting and membership fees), then you are better off shutdown that company.

For an online business to be profitable, it must be visible to internet users in order to generate some revenue from it. Just like in the case of a brick and block building business, for it to be profitable, it must be visible to people in the community and through out the country or continent.

The best way to make the brick and block building business profitable and visible to people, is to get it done in two ways. That is,

  • Renting or constructing your brick and block building in a highly active place or neighborhood where lots of people troop in and out
  • Paying for advertisement on radio, television or bill boards, so people both far and near can get to know of your company

In the case of a website, the best way to make your website profitable and visible to internet users, is to get it done in two ways. that is,

  • Free traffic sources (Ranking high in search engines)
  • Paid traffic sources

Free Traffic Sources

Traffic can be generated from Free sources by following the following steps:

  • Submitting your site map to the search engines
  • Choosing a keyword with a site competition of less than 100 and a search volume of 300 and above
  • Writing quality and not quantity of content

Paid Traffic Sources

Traffic can be generated from Paid sources by through the following means:

  • Solo Ads
  • Pay per Click
  • Ad Swaps
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Banner Advertisement
  • Cost per View

Names of Paid Traffic Sources and their respective websites

Solo Ads

Udimi :

Solo Ad Testimonials:

Ad Swaps

Safe Swaps:

List Swapper:

IMad Swaps:

Affiliate Networks

JV Zoo:

Click Booth:


Click Bank:

Banner Advertisement


Buy Cheap Advertising:

Cost Per View (CPV)

Traffic Vance (

Clicksor (

Media Traffic (

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google Adwords:

7 Search:

Ad Onion:

Ad Knowledge:

Facebook Ads:

The above mentioned sites are the best Paid traffic sources from which you can drive massive amount of traffic to your website.

Kindly leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions



Tasks 0/2 completed
1. Write a quality post on your website for a keyword with less than 100 site competition and more than 300 searches
2. Sign up with one of the above listed Paid traffic sources

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