This is sequence with which you will need to follow in order to easily convert your website visitor into sales

Step 1

First of all, before you can set this strategy in motion, you will need to generate traffic to your Website capture page or Opt-in box or light box. Your website capture page or opt-in box or light box, should promote a lead magnet you have created and not the affiliate product and offer or your product and offer.

The lead magnet you promote on your Website Capture page or opt-in box or light box, should be given out for FREE in exchange for their names and email addresses.

A "Website Capture page" can be created in the form of a landing page on your website. In which you tell your website visitors or traffic what they will benefit from downloading or watching your lead magnet and practicing what they learn from it.

Here is an example:

Your lead magnet could be a video or a PDF document which addresses and provides a solution to the most pressing need or challenge in the industry or niche you find yourself. That is, it must solve the problems or issues that your target audience needs answers or solutions to.

At this stage, you will have to apply Retargeting

Retargeting is a way of getting visitors to your website capture page to give you their names and email addresses by following them throughout the internet until they perform this specific action.

Step 2

You will need to have an email autoresponder in place; such that once they give you their names and email addresses and finally obtain your lead magnet; you go ahead and send them an email automatically without having to do this manually all the time.

The first email you send them should be an About Me email.

Followed by, How they can use your offer together with the lead magnet you gave them in order to make solving that particular issue easier. That is, if your product offer is a complimentary product to your lead magnet.

On the other hand, you can send them an email about,How to use your offer product instead of your lead magnet. That is, if your offer product helps in solving the issue much quicker and easier than your lead magnet does.

Step 3

Once they get convinced,

  • first of all because your lead magnet helped solve the issue or challenge for them partially or wholly.
  • Also, because of the fact that, the email you sent to them has built trust and a relationship with them; by, telling them who you are and why you want to help.
  • As well as asking them to either use your offer product as a compliment or substitute product to help solve the issue easily and wholly

They will then click on the link in your mail and get to your offer product review page.

This is a very critical page.

In that, it is on this page that you further convince them as to why they should purchase your offer product; by giving them an idea of the pros and cons associated with the product.

If they are convinced, they will click on the link on this page to your offer product page. You will need to apply retargeting to this page as well. In case they don't click on the link to your offer product page. They will be followed throughout the internet until they finally perform this specific action.

Once they get to your offer product page, you are one step away from converting this traffic or visitor into sales.

At this point, the probability of they making a purchase to not making a purchase is 95:5.

Apply Retargeting to this page as well. That is, in case they don't make the purchase and choose to either make it another time or aren't interested at all.

Retargeting is a way of getting visitors to your offer page to make or finalize the purchase of your offer product by following them throughout the internet until they perform this specific action.

Once you follow these steps, you can increase your conversion rate tremendously.

These are some Retargeting sources you can use:

  • Retargeting Base (
  • Retargeter (
  • Adroll (

Remember to create your website capture pages and opt-in or light boxes around your lead magnet which you are giving out for free and not the offer product

Tasks 0/4 completed
1. Create a Website Capture Page
2. Create an Autoresponder "About Me" mail
3. Create an Autoresponder mail on "Why they will have to purchase your product offer"
4. Create your offer product review post on your website

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