Your ability to get your website visitor to opt-in to your email list and provide you with their names and email addresses, depends mostly and more often on the nature of your headline.

If, your headline is catchy enough, you could end up getting a higher opt-in rate. This in effect helps increase your email list. As it is known in the internet marketing industry,the list is where the money is.

If you have a large list, you are sure to generate consistent income on monthly basis.

Again, as it is known in the internet marketing industry, many visitors to our websites or products do not buy on the first attempt.

They will have to be coached into making the purchase of our own products or the products of others which we are promoting.

But this coaching can be done only through email marketing.

And this is where list building becomes a necessity and a must for every internet marketer.

Steps in creating a Catchy Headline for your Opt-in Boxes and Light Boxes

  • The headline you choose to come up with, must promote your lead magnet and not your offer product; which you are giving out for FREE in exchange for your visitors name and email address
  • Your headline must project what your lead magnet seeks to address or provide a solution to. (Remember, your lead magnet must provide a solution to one of the most pressing issues or needs in the niche you find yourself)
  • Place a realistic and achievable target in your headline
  • Add a timeframe to your headline as to when the desired results will be or can be achieved.
  • Assure consistency with results.

For Example:

Assuming you find yourself in the Binary Options Trading niche.

It is known in this industry from research that the most pressing need or issue in this industry is, having a very "profitable trading strategy".

Therefore, when developing or writing your lead magnet, it must be focused on providing your subscribers with a profitable "Binary Options Trading" strategy.

So by following the steps above, this is how our Opt-in Box and Light Box Headline will look like:

"Generate $20 per Day regularly using this Binary Options Trading Strategy"

Binary Options trading strategy: Represents what our lead magnet is about and the issue it addresses

$20: Represents the realistic achievable target

Day: Represents the timeframe within which results can be achieved

Regularly: Represents how consistent the results will be

The above example is how to construct an attractive or catchy headline for your opt-in box and light box.

Make sure it addresses the following:

  • Lead Magnet
  • Achievable Target
  • Timeframe for Results
  • Consistency of Results

To create an opt-in and light box for your website for your list building, sign up with any of the email marketing providers below:

  • GetResponse
  • Aweber

Kindly leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions



Tasks 0/4 completed
1. Write a lead magnet that provides a solution to a problem within your niche
2. Come Up with a "Catchy" Headline for your opt-in box and light box
3. Sign up with one of the email marketing providers listed above
4. Create an opt-in and light box for your website

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