Within your dashboard of WordPress, when you begin a new post/page OR edit an existing post or page, if you scroll down a bit, you'll see the All-in-One settings area (below when you put in your content)

It will appear like this:

These are the general settings for the post or page where you can add the Title and Description. But, I circled another setting "Social Settings' tab.

Click that tab.

The following will appear:

Sidebar NOTE:

You can actually specify on the previous tab what you want the title and description to been seen as to the search engines and then within this tab, type in a different title and description for social sharing. I usually just copy and paste from the previous tab, but it CAN be different.

Okay, so.... take note of the images that All-in-One sensed from within the post in the image above. BUT, I have often tried to select one of these, but it still didn't share the image. So, I began to use the Custom Image option shown in more detail here:

This seems to specify the image in a different and more unique method. Also, I set the exact measurements (Width and Height) to avoid any distortion with the social sharing.

So, lastly, I update my blog page or post with these settings.

NOW, when I share, it turns out more like this:

AS YOU CAN See..... this is MUCH more professional and enticing than the silhouette guy or no image at all.

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KatieMac Premium
Thank you this answers something I saw Jay do and I had forgotten how to get it done
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awesome!! Thanks Katie!
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Hey Peej, this is exactly what I was talking about earlier to another member so this couldn't have come at a better time my friend. I am just about to share it with her. You're a star!
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Awesome! Great minds think alike! Cheers!
Papi Premium
Thanks Pj :)
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Thanks again Papi!
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Thanks, PJ and another other great info!
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Thanks again Sheila!
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Hey Pj,
More good info. I appreciate it. So does my Great Dog Sweettea. We both thank you.....Dick & ST
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LOL! Thank you both!