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Hey there!

It's Marlinda and in this training I go through most of the features in siteContent. I realized afterwards that I forgot to mention Buckets.

If you want to see how that works let me know in the comments :)

The features of siteContent include:

  • WordPress writing type editor
  • Template Dashboard & System
  • Goal Creation and Tracker
  • Google Article Index Tracker
  • Image loader and editor

This platform is really awesome especially if you want to keep accountable in creating content for your site. You can also see how much you've progressed.

I know sometimes it doesn't feel like I'm getting anywhere. If you feel like that, take a look at your stats to see how much you've really been working hard!

I hope this information is helpful. I tried to keep it short but it's a little long. Also note that there is training on this platform to the top right hand corner of it's home Dashboard.

I hope this training helps. If you have any questions, comments, requests or other feedback please leave them in the comments box below.

Also, share how you have been using the siteContent platform. If you don't use it you need to be!

Share this with anyone who might find it helpful and I'll see you next time! :)


PS. Here are some of my other training you might be interested in:

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LorrieP Premium
Thanks Marlinda
bobrseno Premium
Thank you, Marlinda!
ZEGU Premium
Thanks, Marlinda, for sharing. I'm one of those people who need a nudge here and there to keep writing my content. By just looking at my Sitecontent statistics, I get so much encouragement.
Marlinda1 Premium
Yup, it really does help to see how much you've progressed or even if you need to give yourself a little pep talk, lol. No worries, it happens to us all :) Keep up the good work!
LouisaB Premium
Thank you Marlinda for the walk through. Very easy to understand.
Marlinda1 Premium
Thanks for watching :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!
MBond Premium
I have been using Sitecontent and I am really pleased with it. I like being able to see all of my posts in one place and I like having access to so many images without having to hop around the net to find the right one.
I agree that everyone can benefit from using it and should at least give it a try before deciding to keep doing the same old same old.
Marlinda1 Premium
Yup, I agree completely. The image search feature is a huge benefit for sure. Thanks for watching and I'm glad you enjoyed it :)