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SiteComments is a revolutionary comment platform available uniquely to the Premium members here at Wealthy Affiliate. With SiteComments you are going to be able to get high quality engagement on your website simply "requesting" comments.

This will lead to better rankings in search engines, more engagement on your website, a higher level of content trust by your audience, and more conversions ($$$).

In this training I am going to walk you through the entire SiteComments platform and outline the benefits of using it. This will include:

  1. How the platform works
  2. How to Set-up Your Settings Profile (Interests, Gravatars)
  3. Understanding the SiteRubix Notifications
  4. How to Effectively Offer Comments
  5. Requesting Comments for Your Website
  6. Approving & Replying to Your Comments

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the SiteComments platform, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

To access the SiteComments platform, use the following link:

Or you can find it within the SiteRubix menu under "SiteComments".

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des1963 Premium
Thank you so much for this video. I found it so much more informative than the tour. I was struggling with exactly what and how to write a productive comment. The example comment you gave is so much better to get an idea of exactly how it needs to be done.

Do you also have a video on doing feedback? I have done 2, but I'd prefer an in depth example of what to here as well. The tours are okay but they aren't as good a walk through as you give. Many thanks for the information--it helped a lot!!
Gunnertwist Premium
This may help u with feedback.
des1963 Premium
Thank you I'll check that out!
RandiLee Premium
As a newbie it would have been a much more positive experience to have had this before leaving comments sure wish I could change mine up, and at the same time glad I saw before asking for comments on my site I'll have to do a little clean up first.
Pernilla Premium
Hello Kyle!
Thank you very much for this very useful training.

May I suggest to build in a link for this training "Site Comments" and as well for the training "How to create a Gravatar" on the page of "Course 2, lesson 3". That would be very helpful and save some time.

I did not found out about the above mentioned trainings until I wanted to give my first comment. As I hadn't already created a Gravatar, my comment (the text I had written) got somehow lost (I suppose I clicked the page away as I was searching for the answer of how to do).

Anyhow, now I am very well equipped to do comments on websites.

Better do some more comments now.

scottyb2good Premium
Great Kyle ! I was originally needing answers to why my website had some pages with large obvious reply and comments but my posts only a small word of reply. Should be other way around. I caught something where you said it's possibly theme based. Will look into further.
Otherwise, I knew most of this but caught a few tips in reviewing. I did not know the comments here go onto my website. Also, I need to get the Gravitar concept and get that too.......................Scotty B ♫
Kyle Premium Plus
Drop us your link and exactly what you are referring to. This could definitely be theme based on how your theme displays comments.
AmyESparks Premium
This training video shows just how valuable the training is. I found Site Comments last night and did the tour before making a comment. When I got Kyle's email and watched this video, I was amazed how much I did wrong with that one comment. This training was straightforward, and I feel more confident that I'll do it right next time.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, it is all a learning experience. The key takeaway is that you are commenting and adding value to the actual article itself, you are not critiquing a website.