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In this video I am going to introduce you to the back office of your website and the various tabs/menus in the administration area. This is also known as the WP admin area, or the Wordpress Administration area. I am also going to show you how to initially set-up your website so it is ready to go!

These initial set-up procedures include:

(1) How to remove the dummy (default) content from your website. Every website is pre-installed with dummy content. This usually includes a page, a post and a comment. You want to delete these before you get started as they are just there as examples,

(2) Running Updates. Wordpress, the Content Management System (CMS) that your website is built off of is a vibrant and very progressive platform and they are constantly improve their platform for security and feature improvements. Plugin and theme owners follow suit and update their respective plugins and themes, to add improvements and to remove any security liabilities. I walk you through the process of updating all of these within this training.

And of course, as with any training, if you need a hand with anything or are confused by any aspect of this training, simply leave a comment/question below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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LouisaB Premium
It's so wonderful! Refresh! Thanks Again.
HeikeZiegler Premium
Thank you. No question for the moment :-)
RogerHumbke Premium
It is my second time through (1st in March 2016) and it is absolutely amazing how much I have learned and how much easier it is this time around. Very motivational and so glad I persisted through it all the first time.
RikaSF Premium
Thanks Kyle. This is a great video and to the point. Very easy to follow:)
Kyle Premium Plus
Excellent, glad you enjoyed the training!
Lizzypoo Premium
Got it! I am glad you said that you were not going to get very sophisticated because it is overwhelming but when you said that, I was like ok, i get the overview and don't have to know detail on each thing right now! lol.
But I did totally get the remove dummy page and run the updates. Awesome walk though. YOu are giving specific information and at the same time touching on general points for future reference.
Genius! No wonder i hear this really works! Very hopeful for a newbie like myself.
Thanks Kyle.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, I aim to cover everything you need within the videos without making it more complicated than it needs to be. There is simply a lot of stuff that you CAN know, but you don't need to know.

I personally am one that focuses on the "need to know" info and then I implement based on that as it leads to the most efficiency and the most success. ;)