Tip 17. Working place

Create a private working space. Take your business seriously. Keep your household work and your business separated. A spare room would be perfect, but when not available, create your own little corner in the living room. Keep your desk tidy.

My working space.

Tip 18. Timer

Set a timer. Estimate how long you want to be doing a job.

Set a timer

Tip 19. 2 minute rule

Do tasks which will not take more time then 2 minutes right away.

Tip 20. Distractions

Recognize your pitfalls.

Whether it's Facebook, Whats-app, reading unnecessary stuff, watching TV, playing with the dog, spoiling your kids (you can teach them, they have to leave you working for half an hour), whatever your pitfall is, take precautions.

Bonus Tip

Love what you do!

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Skiponline Premium
some great tips here, I actually had a laugh at the notepad one, I wish I could write in my sleep, it seems the time when I get my best ideas is when I'm just about to fall asleep...and never a pen or a pad nearby... wish I could remember them when I wake up!
Loes Premium
I get ideas driving the car, and I use my recorder, otherwise I really can't remember getting home after shopping.
Chris2005 Premium Plus
Loes as always you are helping your fellow workers. If they follow this list their websites will see fruit much quicker than if they just meander without a daily list and schedule. I think that these are the most important things to a website that makes money.
Thanks for your efforts in helping others.
Loes Premium
My pleasure John:)
Dreamer56 Premium
Great points Loes . There are a few of them Ineed to start working on today. I have a problem with 17.
My desk used to be the dash of my truck and was always covered. Now it appears that habit has followed me into the house.
I have everything in its place , I just don't know where the place is at.
Loes Premium
I use to have a desk like you, but I have changed my habit
dorina62 Premium
Thanks, Loes!Great tips!
Loes Premium
Thank you Dorina, my pleasure
Ivine Premium Plus
Hi Loes, really good advice. Irv.
Loes Premium
Thanks Irv.