After clicking the 'plus' icon, you can 'Upload a Pin' or 'Pin from a website'. In this tutorial, we are going to upload a pin.

Click 'Choose image'.

I am using Chrome on Windows 7. After clicking 'Choose image' I see the Windows 7 dialog for selecting a file. Click the image you want to pin to your board, then click 'Open'.

Move your mouse next to the board you just created and select the 'Pin it' button.

You might see a screen like this:

If you see that screen, click 'See it now'. If you don't see that screen, continue to the next page of this tutorial.

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LLiu Premium
Thank you for this awesome tutorial. I have a Pinterest account, before I came to WA. This tutorial has been very helpful to me to be able to do your own pin for your site, or if you just want to pin. Pretty nice...
Linda :)
dunbar Premium
Hi and thanks for a great training tip, need to store all these up so I can use them when I need them, cheers Helen
vhuynh01 Premium
Are you a magician? You always manage to give a solution just when i discovered the problem =). Thank a lot man.
RigoS Premium
Great training! I managed learning on my own but this would have been really helpful. Any tips on how to gain followers?
TopAchiever Premium
@Rigo - post your Pinterest boards on Twitter / Facebook / G+
RigoS Premium
Thanks! I'll be sure to do that.
BChhima Premium
;) halo chica ;) I'd heard about printerest but had no idea wot to do n how to do it ;) lol technodino upload instructions kool they work from web Facebook 2???? only tick n share lots do comment but less ;) tc xxxooo kp safe n well ;) if u got n affiliate Id do u write out whole thing n how do u no it works???? Or how do u test ????
electrobot Premium
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