4. P.S. - It has been found that a P.S. is very likely to get read.

Henceforth, using a P.S. can be quite effective but you have to make it short and to the point. A P.S. novel will more than likely be ignored!

An example of P.S. may be like this:

P.S. Need more subscribers? FR~E Report

(put email or link here)

Then you would have your main message on auto-responder. Word of caution, do not just send a people a sales pitch. Add some useful information and resources that will actually help the reader.

This will get you more credibility, which is extremely important if you want more customers.

Last but not least is a:

5. Thank you page -

I have noticed that an excellent way to get more subscribers is to get together with a group of fellow publishers and set up a group subscription page which every time someone subscribes to one of the group's ezine, the thank you page will come up with a message something like this:

"Thank you for subscribing to the Bulletin. Take this

opportunity to check out more quality ezines. Please

check the ones you wish to receive.

In this case you need to have each groups member's ezine listed with a short description. I found this to be a very powerful method of gaining subscribers because the person is already in a subscribing mood and will most likely check most or all of the other ezines.

The above advertising opportunities are quite simple, but simple can be most effective!

I thank you!

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Good tips on email engagement.
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