You will next build a simple HTML framework. There are certain basic HTML tags that need to be on every single webpage. As long as you have the following HTML tags in your document and save it as an HTML file, the rest is just creating content into it. With each tag you must place the same opening and closing tag with your content in between each of them. The following tags are what is essential with opening and closing tags:







<H1> </H1>





The tags are not case sensitive, so you either make them uppercase or lowercase depending on your preference. I made the primary ones such as the head, title and body tag all caps to denote their importance as they provide the framework. The H1 (heading level 1) and paragraph tags are more secondary and where your content will live. Each tag is broken down as such:

  • You have an opening and closing HTML tag <HTML> .... </HTML>
  • You have an opening and closing HEAD tag which denotes the heading of your website
  • You have an opening and closing TITLE tag which provides the the title of your website. This content will be listed in the tab of your website which appears above the browser bar as seen below.

  • You have an opening and closing BODY tag. Everything between these two tags is what will be visible on your webpage.
  • Within the opening and closing BODY Tag, you will have the <h1>, <h2>, h3>....<h6> heading level tags which denote the specific heading level for your paragraphs. <H1> or <H2> is typically the main heading, following by subheadings which are <H3>...<H6>.
  • You will have the Paragraph <p> tags within each section.

This is the basic framework of any HTML document. There are many other tags and elements you can use to increase functionality, add navigation, imagery, and additional colors, but this framework is what every webpage contains regardless of it's complexities.

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Hi, thanks for the training, I will get practicing and check out the other sites you have mentioned.
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I am glad it was helpful. Have an awesome day! And thank you letting me know about the missing word is lesson 4. I got your PM. :)
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Have to look at some of your training. HTML is something I want to master. I refuse to edit until then :). Thanks for the post!
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I don't blame you. You are scared of messing things up! :)
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I am glad it was helpful.
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I couldn't remember what HTML stood for! Thx, I've been looking for this! -Alexx
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Yep. It stands for Hypertext Markup Language. :)