Let us say you have a webpage about a hummingbird. How will Google know if your content is about the bird, the song named hummingbird, or the Google algorithm of the same name? When Google indexes your content it indexes it all and not just your target keywords. By doing this they can determine what your content is about from the LSI keywords “naturally” found in your content.


Where have you heard that saying before? I bet it was within the WA training along with instructions from many other members. There is a good reason for writing naturally, because when you do you are creating LSI keywords that Google will then use to better understand the context of your content.

So what are these LSI keywords? They in essence are synonyms of your target keyword and are associated with them. What are some of the LSI keywords for a website post about a hummingbird? The following is a brief list of LSI keywords using the word hummingbird.

  • hummingbird photos
  • hummingbird nest
  • rufous hummingbird facts
  • when to feed hummingbirds
  • hummingbird birdhouse
  • hummingbirds migration

Even if you were to remove the word hummingbird the word or words that remain would still tell Google that your content is about the bird and not the song or algorithm. Such as...

  • Photos
  • Nest
  • Rufous facts
  • When to feed
  • Birdhouse
  • Migration

Even words like fly, sky, wings, feeder, and hover are all LSI keywords and many of these keywords would “naturally” come up within the normal conversation of your content.

When you write your content naturally and not keep thinking about having to use a target keyword, you will start generating LSI keywords naturally and Google loves natural and relevant content. This gives them more understanding about your content and that in turn will boost your SEO because there will be more keywords to index that people may use in their search queries.

NEXT UP = Where to find LSI keywords for your content

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AMarra Premium
Another beauty Robert. Your pieces of training are always a welcome read and a great reminder to help keep me on track. I guess I will say it twice in one day.....Thank you again, Sir.

boomergp08 Premium
Well I hate to sound like a skipping record/music CD but my parents taught me to be polite so I will say, as I always do, you are welcome Andy.
rodeves Premium
This is a brilliant tutorial. Thank you.
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Rodney, happy you enjoyed it.
BobnPeggySue Premium
Robert, I always excited to learn something valuable to my success anytime you post a new blog. Your information is always a great update to the training. Thanks for all you do.
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Bob. I like contributing to the community by helping people understand issues I see that they seem to struggle with, especially if I have legitimate knowledge in it and it is not totally opinionated.
2Al Premium
Robert, thank you for the training. These are very important info to keep in mind.
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Alma. I am always happy to share the information.
mshonhai Premium
Great stuff boomergp08. Everyday I learn something new from your blogs.
boomergp08 Premium
Glad you liked it Nelson. The WA community is full of learning and once I learn something that works I like to share it.