This will show you how to open an incognito window with Safari if using a mac, it may be different if you have Safari on Windows it may be different.

  1. Open up Safari
  2. In the top left hand corner click on the Safari

  3. The 6th option says "private browsing..." click on that.

  4. Your now in incognito mode in the current browser and may begin searching!
  5. To get out of incgonito mode repeat the prorcess above.
Hopefully you enjoyed this tutorial please like, comment, and share with all of the beginners!

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KatieMac Premium
is there a way to find out where you rank
KatieMac Premium
Thanks for the information will keep that in mind and just keep working on it
pcook410 Premium
Thanks, Brok! I have all three of those browswers. Didn't know how to get that private window in FireFox or Safari.
vhamilton Premium
Good information. Thanks for sharing.
autumn56 Premium
Great information. While I hate to be the one to burst a person's bubble I think that more than a handful of people are very excited to see their sites ranking super well only to realize that it is only that way because google is keeping track of your activity. Incognito windows are very important for people to use in order to keep accurate track of their sites and rankings =). thanks for sharing