In this tutorial I will be showing you how to open an incgontio window on 4 different browsers. Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

It almost makes me sad to make this training because you always see beginners posting about how they are on the first page of Google in their second week. Unfortunately that is usually not true and I have to be the one to break their hearts.

Search engines like Google, bing, and Yahoo all have one goal. To make your searching experience the best. One way they do this is my using past search history to help give you the best results in the searches your doing today. If you have clicked on a website before, search engines will automatically rank that website higher than it would for someone who has never clicked on that site.

If you have your own website chances are you visit that site often. Search Engines recognize this and will place your website higher in search results. Do you see the problem?

When you search for your own website your showing up on the first page of Google, but to another user you may be on the 10th page!

The only way to get around you past history is through a incognito window. This will give you your true search results.

Sorry to give you the bad news, but continue on to see how to open an incognito browser!

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KatieMac Premium
is there a way to find out where you rank
KatieMac Premium
Thanks for the information will keep that in mind and just keep working on it
pcook410 Premium
Thanks, Brok! I have all three of those browswers. Didn't know how to get that private window in FireFox or Safari.
vhamilton Premium
Good information. Thanks for sharing.
autumn56 Premium
Great information. While I hate to be the one to burst a person's bubble I think that more than a handful of people are very excited to see their sites ranking super well only to realize that it is only that way because google is keeping track of your activity. Incognito windows are very important for people to use in order to keep accurate track of their sites and rankings =). thanks for sharing