Using a program theme

One of the options of using a software programme lime is that they have a number of pre-designed themes. There isn't a great deal of choice, but you can just use a theme and make any changes to it that you want. This was the first one I designed.

Example of theme

My infographic using template

Although my infographic looks quite different - I made changes that only took a short time:
  • Changed background colour
  • Change colour of circles
  • Added different text
  • Copied one circle and added to right side of diagram
  • Increased size of circles

Pros and cons of using a program theme

  • A pre-determined theme can offer you a good layout and starting point.
  • Can be timesaver if you're not comfortable with using a program like
  • Can take longer changing something that is already there, than starting from scratch.

Creative tips

  • Make sure that all text is easy to read (some of this is a bit small I think)
  • Lighten and darken objects to give more depth
  • Even if you use a pre-determined theme - you can still style it to suit your own needs.

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tport144 Premium
Great info! I have always struggled with adding graphics to my web pages. Infographics will make it easier to add quality content and break up the text.

On a side note, your infographic for your coaching site is very motivational! I should print it out and hang it in my cubicle at work to help me keep a positive attitude throughout the day.
BIS Premium
Thank you - glad you found it useful. Even though I'm naturally creative I too struggled with adding images because they seemed a bit pointless - so now I've found the perfect solution that works for me.
tagwan Premium
Beverley that was a great resource!
But then I do enjoy all your resources.

I am working on a couple of infographics for my websites. Being so visual, myself, I just love doing them. I think using infographics on a website, along with videos and images helps to break the written content up and keeps people on your website longer and helps with return visitors. I also find that it is an excellent way to repurpose content.

Looking forward to viewing your new infographic!

BIS Premium
Thanks Judith

I love them. You know I really dislike it when I see messy graphics and infographics are great for me because you can put a lot of graphics together in a compact space. They just really suit my type of creativity. Also because I've tried doing three for other people it's broadened my experience.

ToddT182 Premium
What an excellent way of stabilizing authorship by utilizing an area of niches I wasn't even considering!. Another low cost to no cost resource to show you are offering "Quality Content" on your respective niche. Making it fun to read and learn about it, oh now that's good!.
BIS Premium
Thanks Todd - I enjoyed creating these. You now have one on your site. Check out the home page.
misshugh Premium
You are so talented Beverly! Just glancing at this... it seems like a very interesting project. I may try to play around with it a bit in my spare time. It certainly would add nice visual to any site!
BIS Premium
Thanks Jackie for the kind comments. Yes it's definitely fun to play around with. Just don't get addicted to it like I have!
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome Beverley! I think we are both addicted to creating infographics. They are not only fun to create, they are vastly powerful for representing topics visually. They also have the potential to become viral within certain niches as people like to share infographics.
BIS Premium
Thanks - I am really enjoying creating the ... potential little business idea ...? I am going to do my own take on WA for beginners next, as I have a site that I am putting content but isn't active yet.
Kyle Premium Plus
Cool, I look forward to checking that one out!