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Hi, My name is Judith aka tagwan. I love working on my computer and for the longest time I have been wanting to direct my full attention to building an online business. I’m so pleased to have found WA , and as the old adage states “ When the student is ready the teacher shall appear.”

I have little to no experience with Internet marketing except for a few programs that emptied my wallet with generous promises of guidance that were never fulfilled. So needless to say I would consider myself an IM virgin. A little overwhelmed at the moment but anxious to start this new journey.

Now for a Little Background as to how I got here.

I was born and raised on a small Canadian prairie farm with a total area population of 72 people at it’s best. Yes, smack dab in the middle of mosquito country where winters last 8 months of the year and summers are just a blink of the eye.

After 30 years of long underwear and mosquito swatting I decided to pack up my family and move to the warmest spot in Canada that I could find. So here I am living in Victoria BC, surrounded by water, mountains, trees and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Ok, so I am a little bias!

I have 3 wonderful grown children and 5 adorable grandkids who vie for my undivided attention. Since they are now scattered across the globe I seem to be connected to my computer more then ever. This leading me to surfing the internet in the wee hours of the morning between global Skype calls with my offspring.

On one of these nights, up pops Wealthy Affiliate and here I am after a week of browsing and reading and going through the forums and reading and rereading anything and everything I could find about Wealthy Affiliate. From all the kudo’s it seemed to be one of the best learning communities. So I took the dive and here I am, a newborn ( 5 days into it).

About Me

Besides being devoted to my family, my life has been abundant with colorful experiences. I have owned a huge grain farm, a construction business, and worked as an activity director for senior citizens home. My lesser accomplishments were singing in a rock band and living in a self sufficient commune and loads of other money making endeavors. These all being prior to my migration to the west coast.

Being self driven, a 9-5 job would be stifling for me. So being self employed and in control of my destiny is what makes me happy. I’ve dabbled in art both traditional and graphic my whole life. Most of my work is commissioned which also leads me to the thought that maybe I should sell it online. Another reason for finding Wealthy Affiliate.

My earliest memories since I was young was that I always wanted to be an artist and an author of children’s books and that is where my last 8 years have been spent. A hard industry to get into, but I was asked to develop, design and produce a complete series of 20 Children’s ESL (English as a Second Language) books for an Asian Market. Unfortunately after they were printed overseas and a book tour the books were pirated.

So after 8 years of blood sweat and tears and zero profits I’m just so so ready to turn this all around and look at everything from a different angle. It’s maddening to have empty pockets and know that my books are on the bookshelves collecting profits for someone else and there is nothing I can do about it.

I’ve lost more money then I could ever imagine but I’m positively not a quitter. I’ve been advised by some venture consultants that I would be crazy to give up when there is a proven market for my product and that I should take it online and run with it.

So here I am penniless and eager to learn everything and anything to do with Internet Marketing and we will see where this new adventure leads to. I know there is no such thing as failure, just a turning point in the road.

It sure would be a novel concept to actually be able to make money online.

In conclusion

I am so grateful to have found Wealthy Affiliates and everyone that’s involved with it and most of all I’d like to thank Kyle and Carson for making this all possible.
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jatdebeaune Premium
You have such an interesting story. Did you do all 20 books? Are they copyrighted? At any rate, welcome to WA! You will learn a lot here. Thank you for the buddy add. If I can help, please let me know.
tagwan Premium
Hi and thank you for the welcome! Sorry it's taken me a bit to reply but I'm just little overwhelmed with all that is going on in this site. Hopefully sooner then later things will come together
phildeeze Premium
Welcome to WA! I hope you find whatever it is you are looking for here :)
Meadow Breeze Premium
Welcome to the WAU Community!
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family