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When you need to re size your picture you can use the Paint program on your computer.
Tutorial  Author: Shawn Martin Premium Likes: 37 Comments: 49
This tutorial brings a step by step plan for activating your domain's e-mail account after creating one. This only applies to WA Hosting.
Tutorial  Author: oncologa15 Premium Likes: 10 Comments: 24
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I will show you how to create a survey so your customers can give you feedback on how they feel about your business.
Tutorial  Author: eward Likes: 13 Comments: 7
This trouble-shooting resource comes from a very helpful GoDaddy techie. There are times when you follow all the correct procedures to design your website and upload it to publish it…
Tutorial  Author: ellyngeorge Premium Likes: 8 Comments: 11
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In this tutorial, I'm going to show you two best ways to add your Google + profile to your website and one way to track your statistics for your Google…
Tutorial  Author: Say2Sayewhat Premium Likes: 11 Comments: 1
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Learn how to create products to sell on your websites. Set up a free Zazzle account to create t-shirts, greeting cards, mouse pads, totes, posters and so much more. You…
Tutorial  Author: yessharon Premium Likes: 35 Comments: 39
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This resource is for you, if you'd like to know where to get images for your website. There are examples of where you can download both free and paid for…
Tutorial  Author: BIS Premium Likes: 153 Comments: 219