What Is This Biggerish?

At first, HTML will look a lot like nonsense and might even give you a headache! lol

HTML Is Just English + a few additional signs =)

I bet most of you already have a pretty clear idea what HTML looks like... At some point, we've all had to go to the dreaded text box within our wordpress editor, and this is usually where the "nightmare" begins lol...

"What on earth is this ?", "How do I not mess things up?" ,"Damn I didn't mean to delete this!!!", "Where is this word, I can't see a thing!?", "How do I center this paragraph back".... HELP !

A lot of pulling your hair off ! But really, it shouldn't. Think of HTML as English, embellished with a few little signs ! =)

Why does HTML look so complicated?

HTML code is a set of many "tags". A tag is a unit of HTML, a part of the website code. You can recognize a tag by the signs < and> which represents the beginning and the end of a single tag.

In short, HTML contains two things :

  • The text of the page itself (your content, what you actually wrote)
  • HTML tags that indicate page elements, structure, formatting, and hypertext links to other pages (I will explain that in the next lesson)

  • Let's Look At A Simple Example

    If I write "hello" in bold and italic on one of my articles (in the visual window), this is what it will look like in my text window :

    • <strong> stands for bold
    • <em> stands for italic
    • The < > defines the beginning and </> defines the end
    • and in between you can see the little "hello"

    Every time you create content on your website (whether you write something or add visuals), wordpress converts it into HTML.

    There are tags for paragraphs, font styles and sizes, anchor, etc....

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    CindyFS1971 Premium
    Such cool training Sarah, opened up a whole new bunch of stuff that I had a tiny bit of understanding about. Dare I say that I might go and experiment when I write next! Thanks for sharing, and please do write another training, this was great.
    BelieveItYes Premium
    Thank you Cindy, you are sweet !! I am glad I could help you a little and will be making more trainings!
    Have a lovely Sunday
    EzekielBS Premium
    For a line break I've always just used <br> and it does the job.
    BelieveItYes Premium
    Yes, you are correct! Both will work. <br> is HTML, <br /> is XHTML which worpress uses for scripting its documents. XHTML is very similar to HTML. The main difference is that XHTML forces webpage authors to be more consistent and to write more legible code. There are a few syntax and grammar differences and a few HTML tags have been dropped but, really, that's about it and it's quite easy to switch from one to the other
    BillLuhrs Premium
    Thank you for that. Very easy to understand ,and as you said, we all must at some stage do a bit of remodelling within our websites. One trick I do is take a quick screen shot of where i need to make some adjustments before I make them. Just in case i muck it up I can always go back to how it was and start again. Nice training.

    BelieveItYes Premium
    excellent trick!! what I do is cmd+z to cancel the last modification, but a screen shot is a great idea =)
    mrbill6771 Premium
    Very informative. HTML is still rather daunting, but your tutorial does help make things more understandable
    BelieveItYes Premium
    Thank you very much Bill, I think as long as you don't get too much into the details, HTML can be "fun" =)
    RushingBee Premium
    Thanks for another awesome tutorial, Sarah!

    I'm not totally ignorant of HTML, but you did teach me something new with the page jumps. I'm not sure that I will have to use that, but if I ever do, I know right where my first stop will be.

    I hope you consider doing more of these, I'm sure a lot of people (including myself) could benefit from it.

    Have a great day! :)
    BelieveItYes Premium
    Thank you Breanne =), I love making tutorials, although it makes me very nervous ahah
    Thanks again, have a lovely Sunday