Now that I have some keywords to work with, I need to learn a thing or two about Blue Lobsters. I haven't spent much time on a Lobster boat and my only experience with them is on the plate. Well, I did buy some off the dock in Maine one time but I'm not an expert by any means.

Google to the rescue. Googling [Rare Blue Lobster] gives me one result that is usually good for some information. Wikipedia. I usually start there anyway.

Now I will open a Notepad and grab some information that I might want to include in my article.

What makes them blue. Answer at Wikipedia: Crustacyanin, Astaxanthin
What's in that: Check deeper into Astaxanthin. Looks like an entire article on this stuff.

What about the Maine Lobster Harvest: Kewl, record numbers for the last few years.
Why is that? Google a bit deeper.

Found a research project worth mentioning on Lobster population studies.

I collected all my notes from about 15 minutes of reading and Googling the pertinent facts.

Then I organized them into a few paragraphs.

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Cie Premium
Great article labman! I am always looking for ways to write more efficiently and this was very helpful. Thanks.
CQuel Premium
Thanks, Labman! Wow, you made it so simple! I am going to print this out every time I write an article. Love it!
Labman Premium Plus
Hope it helps.
BIS Premium
Hi Craig
Great info for people struggling to write. As Kyle says your link is broken
Labman Premium Plus
Thank you dear.
Kyle Premium Plus
On "Putting it all Together" page your link is broken (doesn't go to your article).

Besides that, awesome work on this training. I think this is going to serve as quite valuable for those writing content. Process is laid out in a very easy to understand way.
Labman Premium Plus
I don't know why the short-link wasn't working, dropped the long form in and it seems to be fine. Thanks for the head's up. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I was thinking back 2 years ago.( Anniversary coming up soon) and trying to figure out what my biggest frustrations were when starting out here. How to write an article was right up there at the top.
paci Premium
Thanks Labman, really good instructions!