This is ridiculous:

All right so this would be an attempt #2 to write this section because someone's browser crashed and didn't save the whole thing written here!

You should be able to see plugin on the left-hand side.


We have installed the plugin, but before we actually go a create a quiz we need to change setups slightly.

Go to the Quiz Settings and General
I am using the following setups:

Hide title: Unchecked
Theme: BuzzFeed
Smart scroll: Unchecked
Show questions at the end: Unchecked
Warning on exit: Unchecked
Show result per question: No
Lockout single answers: Checked
As you can see you can connect MailChimp as well if you want to collect the email.

HINT: Hover over the title to show the help.

Now, we need to do one minor change in settings, and we are ready to go.

In the SHARING settings, I have deleted the word CORRECT in the Title on the result page

This is because we don't really have a right or wrong answer when we, for example, make a product comparison.

So, now the main settings are done, and we are ready to jump on the quiz building!

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Igor13 Premium
Helpful info, although there are many possibilities of using various tools online for such purposes. Definitely, using WP plugins is one of the most practical ways.

Thanks for the tutorial.
herinnelson Premium
This is very imformative, Eugen! I got several more ideas from your training! Thanks!

Erin :)!
Loes Premium
I like the idea, thank you
kdforsman Premium
Great training Eugen, I'm keen to implement some of these strategies on my websites, so thanks for sharing. cheers, Karenh
Zenicek Premium
Hi Karen,

Glad that you have enjoyed the training. Yes this is a great way to generate leads
Zarina Premium Plus
Hey Eugen,

I saw this quiz on your website and it got me wondering how you did it. Appreciate you writing a separate training for fellow WA'ers.

Out of curiosity, how long does it take to make that kind of quiz that you shared on your test site?

Zenicek Premium
Hey Zarina,

Thanks for stopping by. It takes couple of minutes if you know what questions you want to ask.
Zarina Premium Plus
Sounds like an easy-peasy plugin. Thanks!