You do want more sales - don’t you?

I have watched so many people on here say – just write naturally and don’t over sell. Don’t concentrate on sales methods and or make your posts “sell-ie”. I disagree – but by method. With my way - no one knows you are selling!

I see it said here at Wealthy Affiliate - don’t seem pushy or desperate – I agree!

Most of us have a bad taste in our mouth for sales or sales people. We have been subjected to very UNPROFESSIONAL - AMATEUR SALES TECHNIQUES - by beginners – THEY TURN US OFF - don’t they?

THAT PERSON “SELLING” US HAD NO IDEA WHAT HE OR SHE WAS DOING - NOR DID THEY KNOW HOW TO DO IT. They were green – many of these people leave the sales profession and move on – they were never taught the proper closing techniques in simple to understand methods - then were not MADE to practice - to make the method of closing natural - spontaneous. .

You must practice, practice until it becomes natural and automatic - second nature. The newbies were never tasked with selling to their trainer or corrected “in presentation” to get them perfect. Many trainers did not know what to do themselves.

Fortunately for all of us online – we don’t have to practice in the same way – we are writing it out - we can change our mistakes before posting – or - sometimes we can go back afterwards and edit to improve. That is a good thing for us - isn’t it?

You do want to make more money – right? And - you do not want to turn off your site visitor – do you?

Can you help me out – you can - can’t you? If you pay attention here – learn what I am going to tell you - you will never sell again – it will just happen for you. And that folks - makes sense to all of us - does it not?

All of life is a sales presentation - if you know how to do that subtly – you get the result you set out to get - the result you went for - and NO ONE has any idea you were doing it.

That makes sense to you – correct? And - it might be the most important thing you can learn to help with your success – isn’t it? And not just on the internet - but in life itself.

I used to own weight loss centers. We had a presentation that we tried to have the weight loss consultants memorize - use it - recite back to the patients. It was not used in written form with the prospect – the sales person had trouble following the script – they improvised. At that time, it was memorized and not so effective. I pushed for over a year to use a flip chart or presentation book to keep the salesperson “on point”. They would then read the page with feeling and conviction - Read a page – then they were to get the patient to agree that it would be good for them – beneficial – what they wanted. But we did it with a page to page transitional question. That makes sense - doesn’t it?

Just using that flip chart presentation almost doubled our sales - company wide - with over 100 centers at that time. Lots of sales and profit - but also much more help for the people who needed to lose weight - a win - win for everyone.

If your message is worthwhile - then using this method would benefit everyone - right?

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gjshawk Premium
Thanks. I'll apply your techniques.
mattered68 Premium
Thanks for the post i enjoyed the read.would it be right to say that your method or technique is based on getting the other person to take "ownership" of the question by getting them to agree.I will be saving this and re reading it again.
Cheers Matt.
Dmk71152 Premium
it is something I learned or adopted years and years ago - we practiced it until it was natural and it worked really well - I don't know if it is ownership or just making the question and answering it - they agree without realizing we made their decision for them.. It is just simple and subtle and effective. We threw out all the fancy closes we learned - the Ben Franklin Close - Alternate of Choice - and on and on. Just one method sprinkled in as you go along. It seemed to work for everyone - was easy to teach - and once they practiced and made it natural to there was of speaking.-they results were strong. .
saharelf Premium
Thank you for taking the time to provide this training
Dmk71152 Premium
hope it helps - it is very simple - but very effective
pablocortina Premium
Thank you much
Dmk71152 Premium
hope it helps - it has always helped me and the ones who used it around me.
ChrisScott Premium
Great job, buddy. Did you connect with Jennylyn?
Dmk71152 Premium
Will reach out to her later tonight - have written this today and also a critique of a site called The Sacred Plant.

A very interesting look at Cannabis and studies supporting it's use and cures of many things - mostly studies done out-side of the US - but one at Ohio State at the moment - I have been very - very anti-drugs all my life - but there is interesting info in this sites video series - doctors studies - case studies for many cures - it interests me after having had cancer and so many around me also. I did not pay for the series but have watched 3 of 4 free that have been put out. It is now a blog on legitorascam.com - but the blog is not done yet - needs images and some links yet.

I wiil reach out to Jennifer later this evening.

Hope you are well - I worry about you.

ChrisScott Premium
Thank you, Dave. I'm doing much better. I worry about you too, my friend.

Stay on goal and you are going to rock the internet world. Later, buddy.

You will love working with Jennylyn, she tempers me, lol. Takes off that military edge.