Selling on eBay and using a drop shipper is not always the best option for high profits, especially if you are just starting out. Like I said in my Part 1 of this training series, it is definitely better to ship your own products whether used or new. Doing this will help you to avoid unexpected out of stock items and sometimes price fluctuations.


When first starting out I suggest that you do not even think about doing drop shipping but definitely look into establishing a working relationship with a wholesaler. What I did was to find a wholesaler that offered a product I felt would sell well on eBay and purchased several of them so that I met their minimum first order amount.

Then I sold those items over a period of time and while that was taking place I was able to start up a drop shipping arrangement with the wholesaler. Now of course if you do not have the money to do that then you need to continue to build up your eBay business by using used items found at various areas mentioned in Part 1, at closeouts and liquidators, Craigslist, and those “fake wholesalers” I mention above.

Doing drop shipping on eBay is definitely not for the beginner or someone that hasn’t sold much on eBay. But once you are established, you will have a better chance to do drop shipping and do it in a way that is profitable. For now you need to do some research and find real wholesalers and to do that you will need to become members of wholesale supply directories.

Below are four I would recommend, listed in the order from favorite to least favorite. Just Google their names in bold to find out more info on them or join their memberships (Wholesale Central is free).

  • SaleHoo, established in 2005, over 8,000 suppliers, $67 per year, of all suppliers they cater heavily to those selling on eBay and Amazon
  • Worldwide Brands, established in 1999, thousands of wholesalers, $299 for a lifetime membership, the wholesalers they represent are TRUE wholesalers
  • Wholesale Central, established in 1996, 1,400 suppliers, FREE, you must do your research because many here fall into the fake wholesale group
  • Doba, established in 2002, 165 suppliers, $60 per month, though they offer integration tools for eBay, their small supplier list and monthly fee is a bit of a negative drawback

In my next and final Part 3 of this series I will talk about some things to look for when selling collectibles. I will tell some stories of the quite profitable things I have found at garage sales (people get rid of things sometimes that they do not realize the value of), how you can tie your eBay account to your website to help drive possible traffic/customers to your eBay sellers account, and how to use social media to get more people to see your eBay listings.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Part 2 and remember, if you haven’t read Part 1 yet, please do so, the link is below. If you enjoyed this training, please click the green Like This button below. To view all of my training tutorials, just click the bottom most link. Thanks! Any questions, leave them below.

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