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Some of the first work I hired for was having someone create a logo for my website. It was an easy decision for me. Rather than spend hours learning photoshop (or gimp), or creating a sloppy version in MS Paint or free logo makers, I could just pay someone to get a sharp looking logo exactly how I wanted it.

Fiverr is actually a good place for this. A lot of the guys on that site will use template stuff so don't expect someone 100% original, but for your first site, it's good enough. They can create something that will stun you for just $5 or $10, including one or two edits.

You can also go to actual freelancer websites for more creative designs, where a designer might make 3-4 mockups for you, then unlimited re-dos until you're satisfied. A cheap logo there will cost between $30-$100. A professional done logo that's 100% original can cost several hundred dollars.

Infographics is another cool thing you can have done, and can be worth the money. I recently had one done for about $300, which took about a week to make and included several changes along the way. The result was beautiful, and now that I can use it on my site forever, I think it's value grows with time!


Unless you are a real avid writer, typing out articles day after day can get tedious. Coupled with the fact that content is your main weapon for getting ranked and driving traffic to your money pages, having good articles in high quantity on your website is crucial.

Prices for articles vary wildly. It's crazy. You can get a $500 word article for $5 or you can get one for $50. Quality is the main factor determining price.

For cheaper articles, you will generally get non-native English speakers that will re-write other articles they find on the web. I used to order these. They are not worth your time at all.

For mediocre articles, ranging from $10-$30 per 500 words you can get some native English speakers that are not experts in their field, but will put in some time to research and write articles on the topics you choose. These can be pretty good depending on who writes them, and their passion for the topic. I find that a lot of these types of writers are quite bland. Although they get the job done, the writing isn't that interesting.

For excellent articles, you may find yourself paying more than $50 per 500 words. For a $1000 word article, it could cos you $100! You'd better make sure that it's a good writer, and that they know what they're talking about. For specialized subjects, it could be worth the price though. Remember - if that article ranks in Google and converts traffic to sales, it could be earning you income for years to come.

ATTN: These are just approximate prices! I have met some excellent writers that will do a 1000 word article for $30-$75 just because they are familiar with the topic. Sometimes familiarity translates to, "Meh, I can type this out pretty quickly so I'll charge less." Sometimes it means, "I know what I'm talking about, so I'll charge more." It just depends on who you're working with.

Also consider that prices vary based on whether the person is writing just an article, or writing a full blog post, including images, links, formatting, etc.

One of my biggest mistakes over the years was paying for "fluff". I just wanted content on my site, and wanted something published every week. I didn't care what it was. I gave a group of writers some minimum requirements and then didn't pay attention for 6 months. At the end of it, my website was filled with vanilla articles that didn’t rank or convert for me.

Money wasted. Lesson learned.


Having someone edit your website to the way you want it can be really fun actually. Code still makes my head spin, and I'm just not that excited about learning it.

I make a list of things I want done, and have someone do it as part of a list of requests. This is because having one small job can be quite expensive. Imagine paying someone $20 to put one line of code in your site! If it takes them 10 minutes to do it, that means you just paid them $120 per hour to edit your website. Bummer.

So you need to really decide if the code you want edited will just make you feel better because you are a perfectionist, or if it could really affect the user experience of your website.

Also, I only recommend coding jobs for premium themes. Why spend the time to edit a free theme that you may change a few months down the road, or may stop being updated in the near future?

Possible jobs you could get done would be changing blog post width, moving the logo position, adding an image to the bottom of every post, or creating a special page template like a squeeze page. I recently had someone color code my comment section so comments and replies were different colors.

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idobarnoam Premium
Thanks Nathaniell.
Very informative and useful.
would keep this for later use.
BillLuhrs Premium
This is an excellant article on outsourcing . Take care on who you hire and engage them in your requirements . Use the terms in training.
1. Tell what you require
2.ask for their interpretation of what you require
3. Ask what they will actually provide.
Outsourcing can he fun and once you master the process it will save on a whole bunch of time ,effort and heartbreak .
RobVallair Premium
Thanks Nathaniel. Real good ideas!
SarahAnt Premium
Thanks Nathaniell. Some good pointers here that will get me on my way. I've been thinking of outsourcing writing for a few weeks while I get over some time challenges. You say you don't use fiverr for writing? Who is your go-to place for articles? In terms of clear instructions, can you give some ideas of what things are a must to be in the instructions once you award a job? Thanks so much.

Sarah. :)
coach1993 Premium
Did you get an answer to your question?
SarahAnt Premium
Not yet - but I am sure I can figure it out....! ;-)
Chessie Premium
Thanks so much for doing this lesson for us beginners. I certainly need all the help I can get. By the way, your apostrophes come out the same as mine. Is there a solution to this do you know?
KatieMac Premium
it might be to do with your font
Chessie Premium
Hi Katie, Thanks for the reply. The strange thing is the draft is fine but it's when it's published it goes weird Ches.
KatieMac Premium
Are you writing your stuff on a word application and transferring it or are you doing it straight onto your website, I know when wordpress up dated lately there was a few issues if it continues and no one can come up with a solution perhaps consider changing your theme or put in a support ticket
Chessie Premium
I've had this problem in the past writing to friends and decided rtf files didn't help so always use plain text but it still seems to happen but only with the WA profile blogs. If I write directly in blog area, it doesn't happen. Thanks for your advice, much appreciated. Ches
KatieMac Premium
oh sometimes there is some quirky code transferring over content, I have to say I tend just to do it direct on blog
nathaniell Premium
I had this problem because I wrote it as .rtf (rich text) then transferred over. I thought I fixed them you still see them? Which page?

If you are having trouble, try typing in a .txt (plain text) file.
Chessie Premium
There's a bit just above CODING on page 2. I'm bringing anything in as plain text on my profile blogs but still, apostrophes particularly, go weird. Resigned to doing my next blog directly from now on. Ches