Filling Out The Job Details

How To Create A Job In Upwork (or similar broker)

Title: The title is pretty simple. Keep it brief, but descriptive. Make it interesting so the right people apply for the job

Description: Give the job details. I don't give too many details about my website per se, but I try to describe the job as much as possible. Use small paragraphs so it's easy to read, and if you find yourself rambling because it's hard to explain what you want, attempt to shorten the description so you don't confuse potential contractors.

It does take some work to craft a good job description. The harder you work to find good contractors, the better hires you will get.

I always include a small catchphrase that they must include in their application. For example, I say, "include the phrase SUPERDUPER at the top of your application". This way you can see who read the instructions and who is sending you a boilerplate response.

Payment: Some people prefer hourly payments, some prefer a set payment per job. It really depends. I pay hourly for images, and set prices for articles and coding. This really depends on you and the other person.

Time: This is the expected timeframe of the project. Even for big projects, I always start with a small timeframe to test them out, then create a private job with a longer timeline and re-hire the person.

I used to go for the cheapest people just because they were available and I didn't want to spend a bunch of money. But I quickly found out that cheap doesn't mean more bang for your buck. Now I tend to avoid the cheap hires, even if there's a potential to find a diamond in the rough just because I don't want to deal with sorting the good from the bad. I aim for middle of the road nowadays.

There really isn't any secret here as to how to fill out your first job requirements. People will apply regardless, so do your best and see what happens!

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trendygirl Premium
Thanks Nathaniel, very good advice even I thought of out sourcing first . but now no .I will try to learn slowly and build my business step by step.
roamy Premium
Thanks Nathaniel, very useful, l have gone wrong before while trying to outsource.
Judy-B Premium
Will bookmark to save for further study. Thanks. :)
idobarnoam Premium
Thanks Nathaniell.
Very informative and useful.
would keep this for later use.
BillLuhrs Premium
This is an excellant article on outsourcing . Take care on who you hire and engage them in your requirements . Use the terms in training.
1. Tell what you require
2.ask for their interpretation of what you require
3. Ask what they will actually provide.
Outsourcing can he fun and once you master the process it will save on a whole bunch of time ,effort and heartbreak .