Starting a blog and customizing it should be the first plan in the whole process of setting up an online business.

Be it a person selling self products or someone promoting other people's products online, having a personal website fully customized is the open door to all the awesome money making opportunities online.

If you would prefer it, you could make your homepage your landing page but you must operate your blog on a premium blogging platform. This ensures higher rankings in search engines than operating a blog on a free blogging platform.

Major Reasons You Must Never Use A Free Platform While Blogging

Why do you think most veteran bloggers wouldn't make money using a free blogging platform?

  • Google prefers a customized blog to a free one.
  • A free blog does not rank well in Google.
  • People will never follow you because you'll be seen as a struggling blogger.
  • You don't possess the blog you're operating directly and, so, can be suspended anytime for a violation you know nothing about.
  • You will not make money due to low rankings.
  • The pull to work hard will not be in you so far you know your work can be deleted anytime.
  • The free blogging platform is in control, not you at all.
  • Visitors visit your site once and click away never to come back.

Why Must You Operate On A Premium Blogging Platform?

  • You directly own the blog you operate.
  • Your blog can never be deleted by anybody.
  • You win the reputation quickly with your audience.
  • Your audience see you as a money maker.
  • You are regarded as a pro.
  • You improve search engine rankings exponentially.
  • You have all the potentials to rank on the first page of Google.
  • You get the pull to follow pros and be like pros with time.
  • You are rest assured to become a successful blogger.

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