I hope that I could have read this post in 2015 when I was starting out in WA. I would have saved hundreds of hours writing useless posts that never get ranked (and also hundreds of $$$).

If you are a beginner I am 100% sure that this tutorial will save tons of your time and it will help you to get ranked faster on Google.


PS.Read until the end because the best tip is on the last page

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Zarina Premium
Excellent training, Roope! :)
Thank you for sharing these tips - will go right now to update old content and work on a new draft and will see what happens :)
JeffL61 Premium
Excellent training that you provided for newbies in any niche, Roope!

It is a fact if members here at WA are willing to put in the effort and follow the training that you explained in your tutorial a lot of their content will get ranked highly on Google!

Very sound practices that were a part of your training, sir!

LunaVC Premium
I really enjoyed your training. I wish I had read it before, it will help me a whole lot.
I followed you and hope you will follow back.
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Hi Luna,
I have followed you back
LunaVC Premium
Thank you! I will stay in touch.
SadieChan Premium
Wow, simple explanations but full of valuable information. Thanks, Roope.
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
You are welcome! :)
Swangirl Premium
I really like this. It is easy to read, makes sense and gives us quick, simple reminders of where we can dive right in and make improvements to our existing posts and greatly improve future posts.

I never thought competition of 300 made sense for a keyword with lower searches. I stuck to low competition but those often had lower searches as well (in the hundreds). I have recently started doing posts with keywords that have higher competition (maybe 100-200) but have much higher number of searches per month (3,000-5,000). This seems to be working well. I haven't ranked on the first page with these posts yet but they are rapidly rising up. If it continues, I can see this strategy could be quite successful. I get search traffic on these keywords already even though I started with more competition.

I need to bump up my word count and my posting frequency and also start adding videos.
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Sounds interesting! I need to start it myself. Would you like to give examples what kind of keywords have you used?