After all, the most important factor for high rankings is high-quality content.

I know guys who didn't know anything about SEO or Google rankings but they still attracted a huge amount of traffic through search engines.


They provided valuable and helpful content that people loved to read and watch.

But they could have achieve more by optimizing their content with these tips. Let's recap.

1.Find a great keyword
2.Write min.1,500-word articles
3.Post new content regularly
4.Ask comments and engage
5.Share your posts on social media
6.Build links
7.Create and embed a video
8.Update your content
+ Bonus: Add at least one image!

There you go!

I hope you have enjoyed my training. I would have been ultimately happy to read this 2 years ago when I started out in WA.

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What are your favorite ways to get ranked on Google?

How did you achieve your best rankings?

Let me know in the comments below!

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TJ Books Premium
You are not only a great writer but a great teacher. I've been here almost 10 years but I still learned from a YOUNG MAN IN FINLAND! I thank you, Roope! What does Roope mean, anyway? John
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Great to hear that.

What are your best tips after being already 10 years in Wealthy Affiliate?

I believe you have lots of helpful information to share.

Yeah, Uncle Scrooge is Roope in Finnish version of Donald Duck. But I think Roope comes from the name Robert (or Spanish version Roberto).
4Hamsters Premium
great post -
Zarina Premium Plus
Hi Ellie, I see you are a newbie here but spam is a no-no in this community.
TJ Books Premium
I couldn't even find her site! John
Zarina Premium Plus
I don't usually mind people adding links here and there, once in a while, but she's new and left her links on every top 1 post and tutorial - looked a bit strange :) and yeah, the site didn't work for me too, so who cares haha
Zarina Premium Plus
Excellent training, Roope! :)
Thank you for sharing these tips - will go right now to update old content and work on a new draft and will see what happens :)
JeffL61 Premium
Excellent training that you provided for newbies in any niche, Roope!

It is a fact if members here at WA are willing to put in the effort and follow the training that you explained in your tutorial a lot of their content will get ranked highly on Google!

Very sound practices that were a part of your training, sir!

LunaVC Premium
I really enjoyed your training. I wish I had read it before, it will help me a whole lot.
I followed you and hope you will follow back.
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Hi Luna,
I have followed you back
LunaVC Premium
Thank you! I will stay in touch.