After all, the most important factor for high rankings is high-quality content.

I know guys who didn't know anything about SEO or Google rankings but they still attracted a huge amount of traffic through search engines.


They provided valuable and helpful content that people loved to read and watch.

But they could have achieve more by optimizing their content with these tips. Let's recap.

1.Find a great keyword
2.Write min.1,500-word articles
3.Post new content regularly
4.Ask comments and engage
5.Share your posts on social media
6.Build links
7.Create and embed a video
8.Update your content
+ Bonus: Add at least one image!

There you go!

I hope you have enjoyed my training. I would have been ultimately happy to read this 2 years ago when I started out in WA.

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What are your favorite ways to get ranked on Google?

How did you achieve your best rankings?

Let me know in the comments below!

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SadieChan Premium
Wow, simple explanations but full of valuable information. Thanks, Roope.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
You are welcome! :)
Swangirl Premium
I really like this. It is easy to read, makes sense and gives us quick, simple reminders of where we can dive right in and make improvements to our existing posts and greatly improve future posts.

I never thought competition of 300 made sense for a keyword with lower searches. I stuck to low competition but those often had lower searches as well (in the hundreds). I have recently started doing posts with keywords that have higher competition (maybe 100-200) but have much higher number of searches per month (3,000-5,000). This seems to be working well. I haven't ranked on the first page with these posts yet but they are rapidly rising up. If it continues, I can see this strategy could be quite successful. I get search traffic on these keywords already even though I started with more competition.

I need to bump up my word count and my posting frequency and also start adding videos.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Sounds interesting! I need to start it myself. Would you like to give examples what kind of keywords have you used?
Dinh Premium
Nice training.
I think sharing on social media is very important and it also helps with ranking if you get others to share your post privately or publicly. The more the better.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
That's true! )
MozMary Premium
This is really great, in support of your last point my first 10 articles that I wrote as a newbie without any SEO or rankings or even a fully built site got over 2250 pages loads, and I never went in to update them so it wasn't me putting up those numbers - good helpful content is found magically out there it seems!

Also I was wondering does it ever worry you that when you ask for comments in here that people may also be copying your content and ideas?
markr0675 Premium
Hey Roope,
Thank you for taking the time to share this. Short and sweet! I love it! It makes sense.
I'm going to get busy right away and do some of the things you discuss here.
Thanks again!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Great! Successful people take immediate action!