Clear Browser Cache / Clear Browsing Data in Chrome, Firefox and Opera, 2017

**NOTE! have your email passwords and any other important passwords handy as when this cache is cleared you may need to re-enter them.

Shortcut to clear browsing data for Chrome, Firefox, Opera

There is one simple shortcut you can take to bring up the 'clear browsing data' window in all of these browsers, simply press ctrl+shift+delete all at the same time. That brings up the 'clear browsing data' window, see step 5 below for the photo and follow the instructions to simply choose your time frame and click on the clear button.

And that is for all 3 browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera.

Scenic route through the menus of Chrome (and Firefox is very similar)

Here below in pictures are the steps involved in the longer path in Chrome, by opening up the menus to get to that 'clear browsing data' window will let you get a feel for where you are in any browser. Firefox is almost identical. But remember, you have the shortcut above and steps 1-4 are just the scenic route, step 5 is where you access the window to clear the browsing data.

Step 1: Click on the three dots at the top right of Chrome [can be a red circle and white arrow in some recent editions]

Step 2: A menu opens up, click History

Step 3: Another menu opens up, click History again

Step 4: Click on 'Clear Browsing Data'

Step 5: Choose the time frame then click 'Clear Browsing Data'


*You could choose a longer or shorter time frame eg from 'beginning of time'.

*Those blue boxes come pre-ticked, we don't have to set anything here, though clearly our target is 'cached images and files' on this occasion, so likely you could untick, but it's not necessary.

And you are done, it's finished, mission accomplished!

Alternative Routes:

Another way to access the Clear Browsing Data window would be to click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of Chrome then click Settings instead of history, then scroll down to Advanced in the new menu and find the clear browsing data in there. I found the History menu route a little faster and easier, so that is the one I've displayed. These screen shots are what is showing with my current version of Chrome in Windows 7 and 8 in 2017.

And the screenshots for firefox are very similar,

You can check to see if the Flush DNS resolved your problem first as that step does not involve re-entering passwords afterwards.

I made this training so I don't have to go hunt all this down next time I have to do it. Let me know if you had to make any tweaks in your own situations.

Best Wishes Online,


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