How to Find Passion in the Bedroom

Whoa! Whoa! Don't y'all hit me up for suggesting anything inappropriate!

I'm not talking about that kind of passion or that kind of bedroom. Well, the bedroom is the same, but the... forget it! Let me just backtrack and explain myself.

Considering that we're all here for the ultimate sole purpose of creating an income online, I would presume that many of you, like me, often work on your WA websites while still in bed in your pajamas after having a nice extended late wakeup. Sounds nice, right!? Yeah, that's what I was referring to when I was talking about 'in the bedroom'.

The Biggest Mistake to Avoid

Now in regards to the passion, once again, I'm talking about your website. Mohamed recently started a discussion asking us what we each felt was the biggest mistake any affiliate should avoid and this was my answer:

The biggest mistake that I've noticed is the lack of passion. I believe that it is this that ultimately leads members to lose motivation, become discouraged and ultimately stop taking action.

The biggest mistake that I've notice is the lack of passion. I believe that it is this that ultimately leads members to lose motivation, become discouraged and ultimately stop taking action.

Building an online business through blogging requires constant updating of one's site and perseverance despite no immediate signs of success.

I have found that the only way one can really remain committed in a program such as this is when s/he is truly passionate about their niche and feels personally connected to their target audience. When that is the case, it's easy to keep working on the business because it is something they love doing even if it takes several months before the money comes in.

This is something I believe in very strongly and in the following pagesI would like to offer you a few tips to help you find the passion that you need to make your online business a true success!

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CoachEd Premium
Hi Stephanie, I really did enjoy this. First let me thank you for your kind words. I have great passion to coach those that are coach-able and you are one of those.

I was opening up my emails this morning and saw your new training/teaching/coaching and just smiled while LOL. I click through and started to read it , then there they where kind words of truth. It is to hear that a player has become better in their own words. It is what we coaches live for, to know that.

I loved your title, it did have me (curious) hummm... and that is what will get people to read more of the story. What, did she say that? "Having passion in the bed room."

Having passion is the focus here and I get what your talking about. We all can work from anywhere we want. I know when I started working at home, I had to learn how to keep the old blood boiling.

I say do what ever is needed to keep our passion going and your advice here is well said. You hit it the nail on the head, doing something we do like. I ask this of my players all the time, "what are you passionate about." If you know, then train or work in that.

I can tell you this, if a person don"t have passion in or for something, they will not last at building an online business.

I know even as to what you say, about "burnout" it comes even in our passion for something. I coach this by telling them this, when you find yourself in the valley of not being so passionate, look up and find the next mountain peek in your passion.. Then head for it and as you go your passion will start to come back.

Well, this long enough but you hit my passion for sure.

Thanks for spending your time and effort doing this training. It has fired me this day.

Coach Ed

PS. You have help me as well.
sarazoldan Premium
I am will forever be thankful for having had the opportunity to 'meet' you. In all honesty, without you, Project SWAG would not be the project it is today!

Yup, I took your advice and employed the strategy of inspiring curiosity that'll lead people to open my article. I've been working on and thinking about titles the last little while, so it's on my mind...

There's nothing else I can add to what you said, so thank you for your comments!

Cheers, Stephanie
SuzeQ Premium
"Newbie" here. I have passion, I have drive, I have 20 pages or more of notes and outlines for my endeavors. What I lack is understanding the language. Codes, css, html adsense,QSR, bla, bla bla.
I look at some beautiful web sites and then I look at mine. I am trying so hard to make a nice site but yesterday I realized that once I learn the language I should upgrade to a better theme...I don't like my site because, to me, it is would never know that I have spent over 200 hours here at WA when you look at my site.
Note on my laptop~"God give me patience and I want it NOW".
Don't get me wrong...I am excited to be learning. The knowledge here is priceless. The help is amazing.
If I don't get some money coming in soon (even a small amount) I won't have electricity to run this laptop.So, I have to calm my sense of urgency...follow training, and stick to my plan.
I wish I could find someone who had time to do a phone conference with me as I go through different stages but I don't think that is going to happen. Back to training and put more content on my site.
Thank you for the lesson...all your lessons. You help me and I am grateful.
sarazoldan Premium
Belated welcome to WA, Susan!

Having taken a look at your site, I can totally believe that you've spent that much time here at WA. It's not just about what your website displays but how much you have learned since being here and the connections you've made.

I've been around here for nearly a year and a half and still don't talk codes, css, html, etc... and I still don't have an adsense account. (If that's even what adsense is :)

What sucks is that people often come into this type of program when they are desperate for money. And while that's a great way to remain motivated, unfortunately, in a way, it's really the worst time to start. Because they are pressed for money and it becomes a race to the money making line, rather than being able to focus on gaining a good foundation of knowledge and working their way up slowly but surely.

That having been said, we all come here to make money :) , so I feel for you! I'm sorry to hear about the potential electricity drop :( but hopeful that you will see success :)

Just keep doing what you've been doing so far and reach out for help whenever you need it!

Cheers, Stephanie
CoachEd Premium
Hi SuzeQ, Any time you need help just let me know. Just PM me and I will do what ever I can
sarazoldan Premium
Susan, that's my Coach Ed! Take him up on his offer - it'll be well worth it :)
johnwnewman Premium
Excellent article!
sarazoldan Premium
Thank you!
One of the things one used to hear a lot about online business is that "you can do it in your underwear." I note the the person just below me is also addressing this issue, and knowing a bit about her background tells me she would be for the psychological effect of getting dressed before working business.

In 2008, I had a site called, "Plain Door to Success" and wrote a long article about this. Businesses that thrive do so because the owners respect them and take sometimes seemingly unecessary measures for preparing for working in the business (i.e. being dressed.)

I'm sure others are hitting upon this as well.

Don't work in your underwear or pajamas. Treat your business like you would a brick-and-mortar one. You don't have to wear a suit and tie to sit at your workstation, but at least put something on! It is an act of preparation and setting yourself up for your work. What would happen if you showed up at your physical place of business in your underwear? Others would say you're beside yourself. They would definitely see you as not being serious about your business. I don't have time right now to read this entire thread, but I can see, and am relieved, that this isn't about the same stuff some of those people who sell dreams use. I will read this when I get back...

I was hoping this wasn't about what I thought it might be, and is why I'm here - to relieve curiosity. I have skimmed a bit here and satisfied my curiosity.

One more thing...

That's right. You can't be at your best if you're doing something out of necessity, that is, something you do not have passion for on account of survival.

I've raised this issue locally, and have been met with unending opposition for my stand.

Yes, sometimes we have to do things out of expediency, but for many, working, making money and spending a lifetime in employment we hate is something we are all supposed to do.

Believe me, to this day, my passion to write and do this (IM) is regarded as outright rebellion, that I'm not doing what I'm supposed to do. People will side against you and make your efforts to do what you have passion for miserable. I know first hand! I've been through it since day one at WA.

Of all the difficulties I've had with online business, people in my locality have borne down on me in this regard since I've been here. It has filled my writing with my own ill-sentiments against the nay-saying and out-dated advice. The most important lesson I've learned from all this is to keep your passions to yourself until you are making a full-time income with it. Else there are always people around who will try to tear you down and reform you to social standards as they see fit.

If you fail at what you do - you will get "I told you so!" I know. This is the outcome of where I'm at now. I will rebound. My living conditions will be changing very soon and a different Daniel will be around.

People believe that making money isn't supposed to be fun and in my case, they think I'm trying to live like a rich person without the income. They pushed so hard that they did knock me off my pedestal. For some reason, if you don't work in a regular job, you're not paying your dues to society (like everybody else has to.) My favourite motto:

"Live today like nobody else can so tomorrow you can live like nobody else can!"

They have won this round. I've had all this taken away from me, but I will get it back. Believe me - watch and see...
sarazoldan Premium
Yup, unfortunately, people project their own failings onto others, so when they don't succeed at (for example) online marketing, they assume that neither will you and they'll let you know about it!

Interestingly enough, I was flying from Newark to San Francisco the other day and my seatmate noticed my button that says 'Build you own online business today. Ask me how.' So, he did. That resulted in about an hour and a half long conversation. What started out as a description of Wealthy Affiliate turned into a discussion of how he, as a partner in a startup investment company, can ensure that his employees are happy and stay motivated under his care.

After explaining the need for passion in order to be most successful, he asked me, "So, you're saying that the only one can really be passionate about a business is if someone starts his own?" And I vehemently disagreed. I said that someone could potentially be happy in a 9-5 job as long as they really enjoy what they're doing and have the proper motivation to keep them going.

It was rather an unusual conversation as he was asking my (a 21 year old kid!) opinion on how to create that team feel and make sure that he's the best boss he could be :)

I believe he will have success because he's out of the ordinary - he's looking for ways to keep his employees happy and dedicated and disagrees with the 'motto' (like you mentioned) that 'money making isn't supposed to be fun'.

Unfortunately, you're right about nay-sayers, but I applaud your attitude and your belief in yourself! Just keep it up!

I know that I didn't really talk about WA until I began getting feedback about my site and was able to tell others that through WA I was able to create a sustainable website that has great long term potential. It simply wasn't worth it to tell them beforehand because I had had 'no success'.

For some reason, people think that online businesses should have instant success whereas brick and mortar businesses are allowed to take several years before they are really built up. Weird. Ah, well... different strokes for different folks!

Cheers, Stephanie
One of my biggest issues with online marketing is that it is very dynamic. The Google Updates are a prime example. There's a bit of a learning curve and fortunately for us here at WA, this is minimized for obvious reasons.

Rather than instantaneous success rates with an online business, it's all looked at more as "temporary" or "artificial," and that being said, I've had more gripes about doing this rather than being in a job, than anything else.

You are right about the learning curves involved. I've had to defend myself many times that, for anything else worthwhile, it takes a good four years of school to get anywhere with it.

Look at me - I've not made any money to speak of until my fifth year serious at this. I say "serious" because, though I started trying to do online marketing beginning in 2004, , the real deal didn't start for me until I entered WA.

I also deal with personal issues, for which today, in a meeting, I am deemed as a candidate for redundancy. Not only am I psychologically-unemployable - that is, I can't handle the mundane stuff that comes with working a labour job, also, due to how I came through life, can't relate to most people in these job situations. I simply do not have the social capabilities, and today, am thought to have Asch Burger's Syndrome (spelling.)

I had it pretty rough as a child and the first escape from this was the hippie movement that was going on at the time. Why am I here? Let's just say, this is what started the ball rolling. I am who I am and it's amazing how hard some of these folks try to cram me - a round peg, into a square hole. That hurts!
sarazoldan Premium
I agree.

It's ironic in a way because in this type of business we could use all the encouragement, support and positivity we can get and yet, people feel free to pour on the discouragement, naysaying and negativity... :(

And when people start telling me that making money online is a scam, I am more than happy to share with them my opinion of college as the biggest scam ever! Not to say that I am not supportive of college for an education, but not necessarily as a key to making an income...

Are you referring to Asperger's? It can be tough because communication is definitely harder for people who have Asperger's and that goes both ways - you have a hard time understanding others and they have an equally hard time understanding you.

In that case, I think you have chosen the best option you could for yourself! This type of business is one where you're your own boss, you can do things your way and best of all - there's limited interaction with others. At least in person. You still have all the benefits of this awesome community here!

Just keep up your awesomeness, Daniel! And don't ever let anyone squish you into that square hole!
msdj8163 Premium
A member wrote an article about working in our PJs recently. I will have to dig for the article again. But she was so right in what she said. If you want to take your business seriously, then you need to dress. You need to get out of bed and your PJs and take a shower and put your clothes on. You do not need suits or skirts and blouses but jeans and a shirt will do. You need to act and play the part as a business owner. Would you go into a business seeing the owner shuffling around in his/her PJs looking like they just got out of bed. Probably not.

We need to act and play the part of a business owner. Ok maybe we take a few steps from the bedroom to the kitchen/dining room table or other room of the house to work but we need to have our own office to work.

I agree you need to take this seriously and the points you discuss are great ways to get your business to succeed. Thanks for sharing. Debbie
Read this. LOL! Exactly what I said above, and so expected from you. What I wrote was essentially a repeat, but it shows many of us are on the same page.
sarazoldan Premium
This one's for Debbie and Daniel -

I totally hear where you're coming from and there's definitely something to be said about dressing and feeling the part of business owner and entrepreneur rather than someone who's just feeling lazy and hanging around in bed.

In all honesty, I wanted to employ the power of curiosity that'll intrigue you and motivate you to click on the training. I have to say, I think my strategy worked ;-)

But, at the same time, just like everything else, there's no one size fits all. So, while many people may feel the need to be dressed appropriately, there's also something to be said for those who manage to successfully operate an entire business from the comfort of their bedrooms.

I know for myself, late on a Sunday morning when I just want to stay in bed for an extra hour or 2, I'll pull out my laptop and get some work done. Or, if I've had a hard day and want to loosen up, I'll get in pjs early and do some work before falling asleep.

I will admit that most of my more productive work has been sitting at a table or at a coffee shop, like you mention. So, I can definitely relate.

But at the end of the day, my focus here was more on the importance of passion and how important it is to your business rather than the bedroom location...

Thanks for your feedback :)

Cheers, Stephanie
LOL, not only did it get my attention, it also got me involved on here, something I thought to put down for awhile until I could get myself into a better living situation. The bad stuff happened now and I'm in adaptation mode. I saw this in my email and scratched my head, "What's THIS!?"

I could not get WA to load at first, but just before heading off to that meeting, it came up and I was pleasantly greeted with what's REALLY in here :)
sarazoldan Premium
:-) Happy to have given you a nice start to your day! (I hope :)
coolcity Premium
It's just great to hear from you again Daniel, I had been wondering what you were up to.
I am looking forward to some changes coming in my life. Some of this negativity and nay-saying will be coming to an end soon. Not all of it was nay-saying. I come across very odd to a lot of folks and instead of the Asperger's, I'm regarded by some folks as intrepid and full of bad decisions - including having been here at WA. My work has been suffering, but I've been needing to put it up temporarily until I can get through some of the shenanigans I've been going through. I've got people helping me, especially one of the members here. What's been happening has been nothing short of discouraging to this person. Until I get through it, I need to concentrate on making my way out of where I live and get away from here. I'm not perfect by any means and admittedly, made some bad decisions, but now I do have two people in this area who are working with me.

WA remains to be the very best thing that has come along in my life. I thought best to "fold up" for awhile until circumstances change and able to get re-settled, making me more adept to get more out of my online work. Have a lot of unresolved issues still, but there is progress at this point.

Thanks for your concern. I may have a hard time communicating, but WA has certainly helped me come a long way with this. Fortunately, the two elders I had with me at the Career Center (a nice name for "Employment Agency") heard what the counselor said about how working at home and doing what I do online is the best thing for me. It's the first person to recognize what my issues are and put in such a good word for me.
coolcity Premium
Brilliant news Daniel. Keep on going, I know you will.

For what it's worth I have been told many times that I was wasting my time being self employed. Really? Well I've been self employed for over 25 years and I'm still here. Meantime none of those who have "advised" me over the years have done any better for themselves and still work for other people, in many cases in a minimum wage job. Go figure!