Let's find out How To Create A New Article

From the SiteContent Dashboard, scroll down to the Create New Icon shown in the image above.

1/ Click on the Create New Icon

2/ It will open into a new window entitled: SiteContent Create New Article shown below

3/ Choose if you want to Start A Blank Document and click on the left icon, or if you want to create From A Writing Template click on the right icon.

4/ For the purpose of this tutorial, we'll choose to Start A Blank Document as we're starting at the beginning.

5/ Click on the Start A Blank Document

6/ This will open into a new window entitled: SiteContent Editor shown below

7/ Under the heading there are 3 icons:

  • Back To My Dashboard
  • Make This A Template
  • Bucket List

Since we are wanting to create a new article, we don't want to go back to the dashboard and we're creating a New Article not a template and we don't have a bucket list as such.

8/ Ignoring those icons we'll go straight to the Title

9/ Click in the field for the Title and type in the Title of your choice for your article

10/ Now we have the Title, we can create the body of the article and add links if need be as well as format the content with Headings - H1, H2, H3, Paragraph P, Bold B, Italics i, Underline U, URL Link, Bullet Lists 123, Spell Check ABC

At this stage, this version of SiteContent is not yet equipped, but is in the pipeline, to add images. However this can be added once you have published your article to your website - just open WordPress and edit accordingly adding media.

Once you've completed the body of your article and formatted it accordingly, the Save Draft and Publish icons appear.

11/ Click on the Save Draft icon if you're not ready to Publish the article yet, or click on the Publish icon if you are ready to send it straight to your website!

12/ Click on the Save Draft to make sure your article is saved now

13/ Now click on the Publish To Website icon and then click on the down arrow to Choose A Website to publish the article to


Website options will not appear in the drop-down box:

Should you have any questions and queries regarding this, please leave your comments below.

14/ Select the website you want to publish the article too and select either Post or Page

15/ Once you've selected either Post or Page for your article to be published in, then click on the Choose User Icon to choose a User from the Publication Settings window:

16/ The Permalink can be changed if necessary, just click on the Change Icon and change accordingly

17/ Once you are satisfied with all your Publication Settings, click on the Publish button.

And VOILA! Your article is being processed to your website.

As this is happening, there is an Authenticity Check being done to guard against plagiarism, once this is complete you will receive a Confirmation Message that your article has been published.

At this point you can either:

  • View Post
  • Edit In WordPress (this is recommended if you want to add images)
  • Create More Content
  • Go To SiteContent Dashboard

Now that we know How To Create A New Article in Site Content, let's find out How To Create A Template

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sdawson Premium
Thanks, I just finished writing and publishing my first blog post using site content earlier today. I never even noticed the stats part. I wonder what the 1/5 means? I'm also wondering what the bucket will do? I like the fact you can set word number goals and I may start doing that.
TopAchiever Premium
The 1/5 is the Writing Skills level that you have attained.
Bucket is to contain snippets of information you find on the internet that you may want to make a note of - kind of like a bucket list that you will get to use later.

I agree with you, the Word Count is a great motivator to keep you informed of your progress in reaching your goal.

Let me know if there is anything you need further assistance with.
judebanks Premium
Thank you for doing this early training. It's going to be great help to get started with SiteContent before Kyle's full training is added to the lessons.

I'm giving it a try now. Edu, many thanks. ~Jude
TopAchiever Premium
My pillar of encouragement! Thank you Jude, your words are very encouraging and I'm glad you were able to benefit from the training.
ContentBySue Premium
This was a great walk-through. I started a post earlier today and created a new template. I'll be using this tool often!
TopAchiever Premium
Thank you Sue for stopping by and to give your feedback on your user experience.

I believe this tool will take the internet by storm as it is quickly accessed and implemented.
ContentBySue Premium
I agree. Especially once the other phases of this tool are rolled out. This is just the first phase according to Carson's post yesterday. I will take time to get to know it, meanwhile working as I normally do.
TopAchiever Premium
Indeed! That is the idea of rolling out the new platform in stages, you can attend to issues systematically and iron them out phase by phase ensuring that by the time we reach the last phase, it will be a reliable and thoroughly tested platform!
accad Premium
Great effort.
TopAchiever Premium
Thanks! I persevered and pressed on! It was rather quick and there is a whole lot more, but it is meant to assist those who find it hard to find their way around and utilize the features of WA.
accad Premium
Yes, you made a good work since this is new and we need some information.
TopAchiever Premium
Thank you for your encouragement - much appreciated! :-)
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Edu.
TopAchiever Premium
You are most welcome BigRog44! :-)