Notifications, or No Notifications?

There are many good reasons for why we may want to stop or edit WA notifications:

  • Too many emails/ profile notifications, which can be quite overwhelming
  • WA emails are not whitelisted and personal inbox is inundated
  • Too many emails or profile notifications can slow your user experience on hand-held devices
  • Going on a holiday break and cannot keep up with unread emails/notifications
  • You just don't like reading emails, simply because they are time consuming or distracting

Despite these reasons, there are also many good reasons to continue to receive WA updates:

  • Notifications of upcoming trainings or platform updates
  • New milestones
  • Referral Notifications
  • Interesting/Useful Blogs
  • New Matched Comments
  • K&C need to reach you urgently for payment issues etc.,

However, if you still want to stop all WA email notifications for whatever reason, then follow the instructions below.

There are two further lessons, the second is for those wanting to know how to edit email notification types and the last is for, for those who want to know how to change the options of your profile page's 'My Notifications'.

How To Stop Email Notifcations [From WA]

1. Click on the small arrow (>) next to your profile image, at the top of the left hand menu bar.

Please continue to the next page.

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Chezbrown Premium
Excellent training. Very clear and very easy for anyone to follow.
SnazzyIT Premium
Thanks Chez :)
LLettau1 Premium Plus
Thanks for the information.
SnazzyIT Premium
You are welcome my friend :)
lakbar12 Premium
Job well done. I think you did an amazing job. Sometimes, I do want to change the notifications for my WA emails but, then again. I always change my mind because, I always think I might miss up the amazing work...Onward and upward.
SnazzyIT Premium
Thank you my friend lol
lakbar12 Premium
You're welcome!
MarionBlack Premium
Well done, you. You've covered the notification settings admirably.
SnazzyIT Premium
Aww Marion that means a lot to me coming from you - you inspire me :)
Rich908 Premium
Sometimes our biggest fear is that it will turn out to be a disaster

And did it?

Pat yourself on the back for a very clear easy to follow training

SnazzyIT Premium
Thank you Richard, I can let my breath go now...I appreciate your kindness :)