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In this training, I am going to walk you through the process of purchasing a domain through the SiteDomains platform here at Wealthy Affiliate.

As you build out your website and building out your respective businesses online, having your own domain name will become a very important aspect of your business.

This video will walk you through the process from searching and finding your domain, to adding your payment details, to verifying your domain name.

There are several advantages to using SiteDomains over other domain registrars and these include:

  • Email Accounts
  • Instant DNS
  • WhoIs Privacy
  • Domain Security
  • Price Protection
  • No Upsells!

To purchase your domain names, you can do so directly within the SiteDomains platform using the following link:

===> Register Your Domains Here!

If you have any questions/comments/feedback about the SiteDomains platform here at WA, please feel free to leave them below. ;)

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VERINK Premium
Thank you for that wonderful tutorial. Is Domain name the same as web blog?
vic62 Premium
The Domain name is the URL, which is where people will locate your website. EG Wealthy Affiliate's Domain Name or URL is
Once you have a domain name ( which you can purchase here at WA or you can use a siterubix domain for free) you will start to build your webiste or blog/
Kiruku_dt Premium
Hi Kyle, does this sitedomains provision cost money? And how much if so? And does it also mean that I won't have to go to namecheap?
vic62 Premium
HI, Yes - if you wanted to buy your own domain - it would be at a cost. At WA a domian name would cost you $13.99 yearly but this includes privacy, email, backups, support and as a premium member you also get hosting.
The short video will give you all the details as well as guide you if you wanted to make your purchase. Here's a copy of the link I hope this helps.
Kyle Premium Plus
Depending on the domain extension, the price will vary. You can learn more about the domain platform here:

This will really give you a good idea of some things we are doing that other domain registrars are not and the true value in terms of using SiteDomains.
livefearless Premium
I absolutely love it! I've been putting off purchasing my own domain because I was so confused with the whole DNS process. I am not a technical person at all. Sometimes I wish I were a nerd so that some things can come naturally, but nope lol. Anyway I love this process. It is so simple, and I am so excited to start building my brand.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, that is our ongoing goal. To take technology completely out of the business creation process through our own "complex" and sophisticated developments. I feel as though we are just getting started, there is so much that we will have to left to accomplish.
Sheila50 Premium
I am so excited that you all have brought to Site domain to Wealthy Affiliate.
Great to have it handy and that new members do not have to worry about the DNS information.
Great job Guys!
Love it
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, DNS was a real headache for folks and not just that, the waiting game you have to play with other domain registrars after you purchase the domain name (up to 24 hours before the DNS resolves).

When you buy a domain through SiteDomains it is literally ready to build a website on in a matter of seconds!
jvranjes Premium
Bookmarked. Thank you.
Kyle Premium Plus
No problem. :)