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Hello Everyone, My name is Amanda. I joined Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago, and I admit that I have been slacking big time. I am ready to get back in the game since so much has changed since I joined. I know if I put the work in, that I will achieve success. Not only will Wealthy Affiliate help me earn money, but the training will help me greatly with my career goals. I am so excited for the training material and the extra support. I am also super excited because I just graduated in May and I can't wait to see what my future holds. Finally the long school road is over and I can embark on something amazing. I absolutely adore my major and I am glad I choose journalism. I love media, whether it's writing, music, marketing or web design. I love it all! The creative field definitely puts my engine into overdrive. One of my main goals is to become a freelance narrative journalist, but I also have an interest in marketing too. I have always had an interest in sales and promotion, but I have never been a fan of direct sales, such as telemarketing or door to door, but selling by writing would be perfect for me. I am also interested in blog writing on many subjects such as music, entertainment, fitness, dating, positive thinking, spirituality just to name a few. I am ready for change and ready for a new beginning. I hope Wealthy Affiliate can give me the life I am looking for. I am not looking to get rich, only looking to make some extra cash and live comfortably. But if I did become rich and was the female Donald Trump, I would be okay with that as well.
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I would be happy earning 300.00 a month. I would be thrilled to earn 1000 a month and I am willing to put in 10 hours a week.
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Dec 19, 2016
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livefearless Premium
I would be happy earning 300.00 a month. I would be thrilled to earn 1000 a month and I am willing to put in 10 hours a week.
Kyle Premium Plus
The thing about online success that I have come to learn is that there is room for ALL of us within the online world. There is no marketplace that is bigger and there is nowhere that represents this kind of opportunity, regardless of your niche, passions and interests (and it only continues to grow!!)

Take action on the training here at WA, immerse yourself within the awesome and helpful community here at WA... and ask for help when you need it. You will be well on your way to achieve your goals Amanda!
Hi livefearless,

To my mind, you showed up Very Realistic Income
Goals and without any doubt, You Can Make It!

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kaliinozarks Premium
Welcome to WA. I'm pretty new here too and I agree with you - I hate selling. I went to a seminar once about improving business. The guy asked us "How many of you like selling". No one held up their hands because we all hate it and we hate being sold. Anyway, the guy continued "Well stop trying to sell your product or service!". I leaned over to the guy sitting next to me and said "This is the biggest waste of $50 and a day that I've ever spent." I kept listening though and the presenter continued "Stop trying to sell people and start solving their problems. The pressure will go away and the money will happen".

I went back to the office and announced we were no longer selling things. My people thought I was nuts. I put a poster on the wall that said "We don't sell anything here, we solve problems".

It changed out whole mission and attitude. We started de-marketing products and services and very quickly became known as the company that will be straight with you. Suddenly, work was fun and for the first time, we started making real money.

This seems to be the approach here at WA. I love it because it fits what I've always felt.

Best of luck to you, feel free to lean on me for questions or help (although I probably know just enough to be dangerous!)
Labman Premium Plus
Welcome to WA. Thanks for following me back. If I can help, just ask.
Prolife Premium
Thanks for the follow. Welcome to the family. I hope you do well. It is an honor to be in your circle. I recommend that you find others who are doing well and copy what they do. I also recommend that you watch all the recorded WAbenars you can. There's a wealth of information there. God bless you.
Hudson Premium
Hi there. Many thanks for the follow and welcome to WA. If I can help you at any time please just ask,
Kyle Premium Plus
Welcome! Just stopping by to say hi. I am Kyle, co-founder of WA but just one of the many awesome people here within the community. You have lots of help here so if you ever need anything just let us know. You can leave a comment here or you can join in on a live chat (for instant support).

When you are ready to get started with your initial training the please make your way over to the "Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)" course:

Here is the link: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/online-entrepreneur-certification-getting-started-level-1