Benefits of a Landing page

1. Direct Sales

Remember your landing page is a direct sales page with no distraction. This form of marketing is a good marketing strategy. Your clients are given no alternative; you make it easier for them to focus on that single product. Immediately this is done, you have gotten the sales and their information. Now you can begin to help them see other products.

2. It is not difficult to manage :

    Right from setup to measuring results, landing pages are easy to manage. They are very different from creating a full website. A lot of websites or web applications are available for building a landing page.

    Also, their analytics is simple and straight forward. Unlike a website with lots of things to consider, here your focus is on three things. They are the conversion time, bounce rate and dwell time.

    As they illustrate, your bounce rate deals with the number of users that did not convert to sales or leads, your conversion rate tells you about the number of people that completed the conversion process. While the dwell time tells you about how long they spent on your landing page viewing your content.

    3. Build a relationship

      It is the first things that come to the heart of any marketer - build relationships. The first thing is to collect emails of leads with the aid of your landing pages. You can now nurture them via your sales funnel and market your product to them.

      Nurturing your leads is an important part of the marketing process. You must be strategic at this point. It is the point at which your leads will lean more about your organization and product. It is the point at which you will gain or lose trust. The totality of these events will determine if you will gain their conversion or not.

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      LyneP65 Premium
      Thank you for this great training!
      One big mistake I made about my landing page is that at first it was working good and I don't know why I just forget it.

      I try to do a PPC with bing advertising and I've had a message that my landing page doesn't appear... I may have lost some customer but now I did another one and update it.

      thank you for sharing this awesome training
      Israel17 Premium
      Thanks for the landing page tutorial, Ayodeji! I used MailChimp to set up my landing page and I'm still using it to capture emails. Thanks for the helpful piece!

      Israel Olatunji
      Parameter Premium

      Thank you, Israel for sharing experience. Mail Chimp is another great platform with lots of robust tools

      AndyN1 Premium
      Hi Ayodeji
      Thanks for clarifying this for me. There were many aspects to landing pages that are second nature to many here on WA - but not to me.
      All the best
      Parameter Premium

      Thank you Andy,

      I am glad you found it useful.

      YvonneBray Premium
      Thank you for sharing your tutorial Parameter.
      Parameter Premium

      you are welcome, I am glad you found it engaging. Landing pages are essential when it comes to lead capturing.