Now that you have the Account Type set to IMAP, you can proceed with adding your details.

The details required on this page are:

  • Your Name - (This is what your recipients will see)
  • Email Address - (The email address you are adding)
  • Incoming Mail Server - (The Incoming mail server that you copied earlier, this is usually your domain name)
  • Outgoing Mail Server - (The Outgoing mail server that you copied earlier, this is usually
  • User Name - (The Username you copied earlier for the Incoming mail server, this is typically the email address that you are adding)
  • Password - (The Password you copied earlier for the Incoming mail server)

Ensure that Remember Password it ticked and then click on More Settings ...

After clicking on More Settings, you need to click on the Outgoing Server tab. Here, you need to tick the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication checkbox.

Then click on the Log on using radio button. The details required here are:

  • User Name - (The Username you copied earlier for the Outgoing mail server, this is typically your domain name)
  • Password - (The Password you copied earlier for the Outgoing mail server)

Once you have configured the Outgoing Server details, you can click on the Advanced tab.

Here, we need to set the Incoming Server (IMAP) Port to 993 along with the encryption method of SSL/TLS. We also need to set the Outgoing server (SMTP) Port to 25 with the encryption method of Auto.

To prevent any issues, you must also set the Folders - Root folder path to "Inbox". If you do not do this, your Inbox will appear empty.

Once configured, you can click on OK

When you have clicked on OK, please click on Next Page below.

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ecbb Premium
Hi Christopher,

Thanks for your explanation. I set it up as you explain, I think.

My incoming mail connects on the testing but I do not receive the testing email on webmail.

My ourgoing mail is not able to connect to the server.

I configured
server :
port 25 in advanced settings,
auto encrypting.

On Testing is says that it cannot connect to outgoin server. Any idea why?

I had this email all set up and run on outlook before and it worked perfectly. No idea what could be wrong?

feigner Premium
make sure you check everything you put in for extra spaces...
make sure the username is your site url...
i know it used to work Seb...
if that doesn't work then it may be worth getting in touch with site support as they may need to add your email to their white list..
tdbabineaux Premium Plus
The training is out of date - the dialog boxes you show do not match the ones on my Windows 10 machine, which I recently purchased and so should have the latest version of Outlook. But I was able to work my way through it and it did work.


skysail Premium
Thank you so much for this detailed explanation! Not sure whether this is an update, but after clicking OK, having filled out everything according to your previous page, you need to click NEXT to get to a pop-up "Outlook is testing the account settings you entered". Tasks will say: "log onto incoming mail server" and "send test email message", which will get to the certificate question, and then you'll get a confirmation and a screen to click FINISH, with the option to set up Outlook Mobile on the phone...all without opening Outlook.
When you open Outlook, it will ask for the certificate again...
ambiehead Premium
Hi Chrystopher! I am seconding @TheNerdDepot 's question here, about adding it to the Outlook mobile app, specifically. I can (like you) add WA emails to my iPhone's native mail app, but I am trying to help someone else with setting up on Outlook. It is a security certificate error that it does not let me approve/accept on the mobile app like it does on the desktop.

Have you had an opportunity to try this on Outlook mobile yet? Or if you have, can you point me to that tutorial please? I will still keep searching, but Site Support directed me to this very tutorial, which I have already been to. :)

TheAbie Premium Plus

Don't know exactly what's the cause, however I would check if my mobile software is up to date. I would also make sure the app is up to date.
ambiehead Premium
Hi @AbieAJ, thank you for your response. I believe it is all up to date, but I will check again just in case.
ambiehead Premium
You are my hero, thank you for this! I don't always want to use Outlook, but sometimes it's needed.
I did have to use port 587 for SMPT, but I see that you mentioned that below as well. Just wanted to say thank you, because Microsoft was about to make me batty (-ier). Thanks!