Let's Find Out Why We Would Want To Comment On Websites

Firstly, we all like to give our opinion on something and add our penny's worth and give our input. Perhaps even inspire someone and encourage them.

Secondly, if it earns us a credit so we can request comments, it's a win-win situation for all alike.

Thirdly, it a way of upholding the principle of paying it forward in our community. We enjoy helping fellow members and so if we can help each other provide new content for each other's website, this is great bonus and plus for all of us to move forward.

What A Comment Is

A comment is what you think about the topic and what has been written and this is what you offer your opinion, questions about and discussion on the this topic.

Try to engage the reader in a specific point that you found helpful and why you appreciate the page or post.

This may in turn get the reader thinking and they may then decide to read the post again to understand what you are referring to and continue reading further.

What A Comment Is NOT

A comment is NOT giving feedback on the layout or grammar errors or the length of the post or what is contained in it.

There is a huge difference between comments and feedback.

Click here to find out more about feedback.

Now that we know why we are commenting, let's find out How To Add Comments To Websites Through SiteComments

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Jimmyk16 Premium
Hello Edu,

Great training I will get on this platform as soon as I can spend some time.

I used to skip over many websites because I could not or wanted to give a half decent comment.


TopAchiever Premium
Glad to hear you have a new perspective on commenting Jimmy.

Once your interests settings are correct, your Skip Rate will drop significantly as you won't have to skip many websites, because they will be linked to, and based on your specified and selected interests.

Let's see you supplement your WA membership fees with your Certified Commenter Status earning you $0.50 for every other comment! :-)

Let me know if you need further help.


RogerHumbke Premium
This is by far the most thorough and BEST explanation of comments and feedback. I just wish I had read it all sooner and prevented some confusion and disappointment.

Thanks for putting me on the right tracks!

TopAchiever Premium
Hi Roger

Thank you for your encouraging words.

I'm glad you found the training thorough. I try to picture the learner not knowing anything about what I'm writing about and then add as many concise steps as it takes to get the job done.

If you need any further help, let me know and I'll do my best to assist.

heljam404A Premium
I liked your post a lot thanks for sharing it with us.
TopAchiever Premium
You are more than welcome. Thanks for leaving an encouraging comment.
Happy2Learn Premium
Cass51 Premium
Thank you Edu for an enlightening training. this has cleared up a few questions for me and no doubt will be helpful for all newcomers.
TopAchiever Premium
You are most welcome!