Optimizing Your Form for Maximum Conversions

Regardless of what plugin you use and what autoresponder or newsletter service (if it's not MailMunch) you'll want to tweak the default stuff for maximum CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization. Studies have show that these tweaks can increase your email subscription signup rates like a rocket!

Okay, so here is a closeup of the default information:

And, on the right side is the default form - here's a closeup of that:

As you can see, it's pretty darn mild - dang near BORING!

So, let me give you a few suggestions!

STEP 7: Modify the HEADLINE

As I have mentioned in many other training tutorials, you have about 3 seconds to grab your reader's attention. This is the job of the Headline. Make those 3 seconds count!

Use some of the killer headline tactics I have covered previously. Give this some serious thought. I highly suggest giving away a free eBook. But, even if you don't have one, setup the visitor with an introduction to a newsletter or autoresponder that they simply can't live without.

The headline will only need to be about 8-10 words. So, for this example, I changed the default fromJoin Our Newsletter to 2 FREE ebooks, Essential Tips & More.

Some other Headlines you could use or mix up words with might be:

  • Avoid These Costly Newbie Mistakes
  • Vault Past the Competition with Insider Information
  • Exclusive Inside Marketing Tips
  • Affiliate Marketing Secrets, Strategies and More

These are just examples right off the top of my head. I'm sure you can do better. And, don't worry, anything is better than simply "Join Our Newsletter" !! Am I right?

STEP 8: Add an Image

Okay, you'll also notice that I added an image. It's just about as easy to add an image into the form as it is to add one in WordPress.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And, given the lack of space here, believe me, you want one! Remember - CONVERSIONS!! .... I'm always thinking about conversions. On my home page, on landing pages, on opt-ins - all the time! Tweak it, test it, tweak it some more.

Okay, to add an image, just click the Add Image button just above the description as shown below:

Speaking of the description! :-)


After the headline hooks 'em, you gotta reel them in! The description is like the sub-heading of a well-articulated post.

Give them a few more tidbits of information to capture that click!

"Be the first to be notified" isn't bad. But, my primary website's opt-in form says something about more free eBooks, secret tips, insider information and more. You get the idea!

After you have those items setup. There is a Save and Continue button at the top:

Click the Save & Continue button to advance to the next step - Appearance:

STEP 9: Appearance

I like to leave the theme background light (yep, default) because the Pop-over dims out the rest of your homepage in a dark grey or something (I'm so color-blind, Sorry!)

But, this I do know. Studies have shown that our eyes (or normal eyes) capture the color RED faster than any other color. This is precisely why red automobiles get more speeding fines than any other color. This affects marketing also. Red buttons and Green buttons get more clicks! (Green means GO!)

So, I changed my button to red.

After that, click theAnimate to Open button

This give you the chance to choose what type of animation you with the popover to use:

With this option, you will be able to see what each selection will do in the preview pane on the right. I like the Bounce in Down, but it's entirely up to you. Which one would entire YOU more?

The remaining two options for upgraded MailMunch users only. One is to remove the MailMunch logo in the bottom-right of the popover. The other is for custom CSS code. Don't worry, not needed!

Again, click Save & Continue at the top:

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LLiu Premium
Pj, thank you for this great training and this was very interesting to know and have Bookmarked it!
PjGermain Premium
Thanks again Linda!
MommyofNine Premium
how do you bookmark a training you wish to return to? Thanks!
Lovetohelpyo Premium
Nice training Peej! I'm not ready to implement this just yet but I'm very much looking forward to when I will be able to!

Thank you for a very simple to understand training!
PjGermain Premium
Awesome! Much appreciated Bobby!
playfulheart Premium
Thanks for this PJ
PjGermain Premium
Thank you Michael!
tansa Premium
What plug-in can I use if I just want to have a widget at the side to invite people to leave their email address for updates? I don't like the idea of pop-ups (even if delayed) as personally I find them annoying.
PjGermain Premium
This very same plugin will to that. Simply choose the the SIDEBAR widget option for your sidebar instead of the Popover option. But, I can tell you from experience, I have a 25% or better optin rate with the popover.
tansa Premium
Cool! Thanks for the input too - maybe I'll test run both options to see which works for me better!
ginax Premium
Nice training. I use Mail Munch too and no complaints so far :) it fits in very nicely with just about any theme or site
PjGermain Premium
Excellent! Thanks very much Gina!