STEP 12: MailMunch Integration

The final step of your create new form wizard is the email integration step.

This is what you will see next:

IF you're simply capturing email addresses for the free Newsletter option, you can skip this step.

IF you have an established autoresponder ready to go, click the associated banner presented on this screen. I have GetResponse and this is what is setup after I followed the specific (but easy) GetResponse connection instructions provided by MailMunch:

After MailMunch prompted me for my GetResponse login, I chose my already established autoresponder called PureResidualsNews indicated above under the Choose Your Active List option.

Then, under the Match Fields option, I simply click the First Name next to the Name field of GetResponse provided fields to match these two up.

The is the mechanism that passes the First Name entered in the pop-over opt-in form to the GetResponse program so that I can personalize the email messages in my autoreponder OR newsletters later.

In most autoreponders or newsletters, you'll see a personalization variable such as:


This variable is replaced with the information the visitor provided in the Firstname box and MailMunch "passed" to your autoresponder or newsletter service.


After setting up the Integration information, click the Publish Form button as shown below:

Now, you will be presented with some upgrade options. But, don't worry!!!

Just click the FINISH button to remain free!

Also, IF you're interested. You'll notice a Trigger on click option that's free to use.

This is basically a text link that can trigger you popover whenever you wish. It's very cool for your sidebar or perhaps within the text of a post or page.

Using the provided link as you see in the image above, the text link trigger will appear something like this:

<a href="#mailmunch-pop-123"> My Link </a>

This is just an EXAMPLE. Yours will be different of course.

Okay, after you click the Finish button as instructed above, the MailMunch website tab will close and return you to WordPress.

From here, you will be able to Preview your new form!

Just click the Preview link shown above and you'll see your new form in action.

My image seems to be a bit long. So, I'll likely edit the image size and make it shorter so that the entire popover form is seen on one screen.

No scrolling should be required for this type of implementation. Don't make your website visitor work any harder than necessary. You want to make this SMOOTH and EASY! (as non-intrusive as possible!


If you're like me, you first one didn't turn out so hot!

You feel now that you can do better the second time around. Simply click the New Form button and run through the wizard again.

When you are returned back to the screen above, the STATUS will both read active. You'll need to deactivate the old one. Here's. how.

Deactivate an Old Form

Instead of clicking the Preview link above, click the Edit link.

You will be immediately taken to the MailMunch website again.

In the upper-right-hand corner, you'll see a little gear icon. That is your settings for this form. :

Then, simply change the Form Status from Activated to Inactive:

Then, click the Save Changes button shown above.

Then, you will be returned to WordPress and see that this old form is now Inactive in the Status column. This should leave you with the new one active. Test it out!

Whew! I sure hope this was helpful. Again, this was done with the MailMunch plug-in. There are several others out there, but this one is free and now you know how to use it.

Tomorrow, time permitting. I'll show you the same technique using another one of my favorite plug-ins: SumoMe

MailMunch is cool if you already have a social sharing plugin. SumoMe incorporates the ability of an opt-in email subscription form along with Social Sharing buttons all in one plugin! Sweet, right?



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LLiu Premium
Pj, thank you for this great training and this was very interesting to know and have Bookmarked it!
PjGermain Premium
Thanks again Linda!
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how do you bookmark a training you wish to return to? Thanks!
Lovetohelpyo Premium
Nice training Peej! I'm not ready to implement this just yet but I'm very much looking forward to when I will be able to!

Thank you for a very simple to understand training!
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Awesome! Much appreciated Bobby!
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Thanks for this PJ
PjGermain Premium
Thank you Michael!
tansa Premium
What plug-in can I use if I just want to have a widget at the side to invite people to leave their email address for updates? I don't like the idea of pop-ups (even if delayed) as personally I find them annoying.
PjGermain Premium
This very same plugin will to that. Simply choose the the SIDEBAR widget option for your sidebar instead of the Popover option. But, I can tell you from experience, I have a 25% or better optin rate with the popover.
tansa Premium
Cool! Thanks for the input too - maybe I'll test run both options to see which works for me better!
ginax Premium
Nice training. I use Mail Munch too and no complaints so far :) it fits in very nicely with just about any theme or site
PjGermain Premium
Excellent! Thanks very much Gina!