How to Fix Broken Amazon Affiliate Links

Using the Broken Link Checker that I wrote about yesterday, I do the following…

From my WordPress Dashboard, I make sure my Broken Link Checker keeps me informed EVERY time I log in. On the days I do not log in and fix broken links, this plugin will issue me an email informing me of them.

Then I simply click on the link provided… in the screen print image above, that would be the “Found 2 broken links” link (My broken links reported 3 by the time I reached my Broken Link Checker’s dashboard).

This takes me to the Broken Link Checker dashboard where all broken links are listed.

Then I carefully copy these links, one at a time, and check them in the Amazon Associate’s Link Checker tool… as shown below.

As you can see, in the case of my first link listed… it is NOT broken. So… back in the Broken Link Checker dashboard…

In this example, I clicked on the “Not broken” option, and moved on to the next one.

With the second link, I received a report of: ! Fail: The link above was not tagged or was not a valid Amazon link.

And here’s what I do to make sure this is less likely to happen in the near future.

Using the text link that is shown in my Broken Link Checker dashboard, “a step” (exercise equipment), now that two tabs are open in my other browser session, I go back to the original tab, labeled “ Online Shopping” and I enter my keywords that were discovered as having a broken Amazon affiliate link, into Amazon’s search textbox, and click to search for another viable link to use.

But… in this example, “a step” didn’t bring me what I was hoping for… so knowing it is an exercise step, I added that information into the search term.

From here, I then go to the Amazon Associates SiteStripe and get the Text link copied… then going back to my Broken Link Checker’s dashboard, I reveal my options, and click on the “Edit URL” link.

See image below for further instructions...

Once the NEW link is clearly being displayed, I mouseover the new link to reveal the options once more, and click on the “Recheck” link.

Simply repeat the process until all of your links are fixed.

You can also choose to edit your affiliate links from within your post instead, if you prefer. I just find it easier to do this from the Broken Link Checker’s dashboard.

NOTE: I have even had to inform this plugin that my NEW links were NOT broken.

Credit for Header: Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Imagesfrom Pixabay

Hope you find this helpful.


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TomasB Premium Plus
Thanks for creating a very informative post. I was just wondering if you or anyone in this discussion knew how the link might get broken in the first place, and is there any way to actually prevent it from happening ?
Triblu Premium
Hey Tomas,

That is why I showed how I fix these to not break so quickly in the future. I was linking to ONE product page, and now, I fix links linking to the search results page for that product instead.

This method serves to prevent broken links any time soon. Amazon would need to STOP selling that product for that page to become a broken link.

Hope I have explained this better this time. Sorry for not explaining this better in this tutorial.
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
Hi Trisch,

GREAT info, as usual!
I added it to my favorites list.

Enjoy your weekend,
Triblu Premium
Thanks Frank, you have a safe, healthy and happy weekend too. :-))
lesabre Premium
Thank you for the lesson Trish. Much appreciated.

Triblu Premium
You're very welcome Michael.
ERichardson1 Premium
Good afternoon dear friend, also we must remember if you haven't made a sale in 3 months you may not be affiliate any longer. May good health and prosperity be always with you.
Triblu Premium
Hey Earl,

You are correct... but that is not what this tutorial is about. This is for Amazon affiliate links for active affiliates.
ERichardson1 Premium
And I do understand that my friend, and it was a good thing what you have said. However, I have found out in the last couple years sometime newbies think that their link is broken and it's not, there are just not affiliate any longer.
JKulk1 Premium
This a timely training module Trish. I was about to complete a check of my Amazon links. Jim
Triblu Premium
You're very welcome Jim.

Got so "sick and tired" of picking and replacing just ONE item of a particular product, so now will go for pages of... whatever... hoping for less chance of broken affiliate links with Amazon, in the future.