The "About Me" page is usually one of the most visited pages on a website. This is where visitors go to learn more about you, the author, or company and to assess why they should stick around.

Your "About Me" page is more than just your biography and a simple photo of yourself, you need to convey what value you bring to your visitors. Your visitors are reading your "About Me" page because they want to see if they can relate to you and also if they can trust in you.

Start off your "About Me" page narrative by telling your visitors what value you will bring to them. Tell them who your website is intended for. Be sure to write in a style that will appeal to your audience, i.e., professional, funny, encouraging, classy, etc. Talk to your audience about why they should read your website and what they'll get out of it.

Next will be your personal biography as it relates to your website. Include things about yourself that will help your visitors relate with you and trust you. Be sure to add why your visitors should listen to you. What gives you credibility? You can talk about how your website fits into your life, why did you start it? Treat this portion just like you would a job interview.

Add a picture or two of yourself and try to relate it to your website. Make sure that your pictures relay your personality - smile.

Consider changing the title "About Me" to "About Your First Name" to make it more personal.

Lastly, be sure to add a Call To Action (CTA). Your CTA should tell them what it is that you want them to do next. Do you want them to subscribe to your list, say "hello" to you on Google+, or go to your homepage? Your CTA is very important because you want your visitor to stick around. I put a CTA on every page and in multiple places on the page, in case the visitor is scanning or skipping around and doesn't get to the bottom of the page.

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