Show how many social shares your website has. This is another social proof that others are reading your posts and they like them so much that they're sharing them with their followers.

Install a Social Sharing plugin on your website and set it up to show the total number of social shares that you have. I recommend that you start by sharing the total shares from all social media until you build up enough to where you can show how many shares you have with each individual social media site. You don't want low numbers working against you.

Here are some popular Social Sharing plugins for WordPress (some are paid and some are free):

I know you're asking, how do I get people to share my posts so I can get my social share number up? I'm glad you asked...we'll use the Wealthy Affiliate community again. One way to do it is by going to Share Your G Accounts Here! and ask people to follow your Google+ account, also ask them to give you some +1s and share your posts.

Here again, this is a give-one-get-one system, so pay-it-forward and help out the community and they'll return the favor.

You can also ask the community when they comment on your posts (previous step in this training) that they also share your post with their followers. Sharing is what really gets your articles out in front of the most people bringing them back to your website.

Another method that I use is to list all of my social media accounts on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile page. This way my followers can easily connect with me on all my social media accounts growing my numbers. Check out my Profile page to see how I listed all my social media accounts

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