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Creating a proper navigational experience for your visitors is going to be very important as you build out your website. In the early stages as you have few pages/posts on your website, it may not seem important but as your content grows, so does the complexity of your navigation.

In this video I am going to walk you through the following:

  • Where and how your pages show up naturally as you publish
  • Where to find the custom menu editor
  • How to create and manage custom menus
  • Adding a custom menu as the "main" menu
  • Utilizing custom menus within widgets
  • The importance of using custom menus

If you have any questions about custom menus or best practices in terms of navigation, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Hello All,

I am having an issue with my About Us post. I have it in the proper menu tab, but the text also shows up on my home page, unformatted and with a big red "Uncategorized" box. When I deleted it and made the text into a page, it worked correctly, but when i changed it back to a post again, the same thing happened. Am I missing a setting?
BrokFTJFH Premium
Posts will always show up on your blogroll, which is usually on your homepage.

That's why most people make their "about me" a page. That way it won't show up on the blogroll.

It sounds like the reason you see Uncategorized is because you haven't assigned a category to that post.

I would recommend just making it a page and then you'll solve your problem.

Thank you. That's not what I was getting from the video, but decided to keep it a page too.
LovisaN Premium
I cannot see my website structure as yours with the about me, home and privacy police though I did the training tasks, also my posts do not appear as title but as text especially the privacy policy. After dragging and adding active widgets to the sidebar widget, do I have to delete all the inactive ones, it says if you delete it cannot restored, m scared to mess up my web. After doing widgets I couldn't see the save or update button so I left it hanging. Please help I feel bad! Thanks
Dygie-Reds Premium
post your url here let me have a look!!
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Lovisa, you are in a bit of a tangle nothing that can not be fixed, have a look at the image in the WP editor there are two tabs visual and text so when we are looking at a post and page if we have clicked the text tab that is what we will see, simply click visual and it will change the view.

If you have dragged the widgets to the sidebar just click create.

If you wish to delete one of the widgets, just click the downward arrow and click delete it will only delete that widget nothing else will be affected. Just remember to save after you have deleted.

if you want to replace a widget just repeat the process drag it over from the list of available widgets

hope that this helps.
somg Premium
I am looking to put my menu in my header so that my logo flows to a menu in the Hiero theme. I have been viewing several different successful websites and notice that their navigation bar is right at the top of the page.

I have tried to use the navigation widget for the header, but it takes away my horizontal buttons with drop downs and puts in a vertical list of my categories. Do I perhaps need to change my theme or is it possible in Hiero to do this?

I found this answer on navigation menus in wordpress saying that I need to change code to make that happen which makes me a little nervous.

Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Dygie-Reds Premium
try to put this question on chat for faster reply
ZulfanFarhi Premium
Hi Kyle, i need to know how i can customise where the headers like "post" in the home page. I prefer to have no sidebar widgets and have a linear design where you find more info by scrolling however since the post header is there it moves it to the side (right) while the header is way on the left. Is there anyway i can make the header "post" right above? Same search to the search bar
EricCantu Premium Plus
I'm not sure if I understand exactly how you want to customize your site, but what you can achieve as far as the look of your site is theme dependent and depends on how savvy you are with CSS code and customizing it. You may just need to find a theme that has that option of removing the sidebars. Then it would be a matter of finding a forum where they discuss customizing it or finding someone who can give you the CSS code you'd need to achieve the look you're going for :) Most everything is absolutely do-able, it just takes some research.
lesabre Premium
Sure Kyle, I know they are all important. I don't know if I am making a mistake or not. I compare what I have to your example and they don't seem to match. Also I have no idea how you scroll to the top and refresh your page within that page. I have to back to the login page and refresh my page from. Is it possible for you to take a look at what I have got and can I proceed to the next lesson. Thank you very much. Sorry to keep bothering you. I guess I am getting too impatient, feel like it's taking me forever. Losing confidence in myself.