With the website builder here at Wealthy Affiliate (Wordpress Express), you have access to over 1,600 themes!

This means that you can choose from over 1,600 completely different website templates. If you want a site that is pink, you can have a pink site. If you want something that is futuristic looking or something that would work well as a gardening site, you can do that as well.

In the 2nd step of the website building process you are going to set the name of your site and choose the theme.

The first thing is "Choose a Website Name". This may seem a little redundant, but this is going to be the title of your page when your website goes live.

This can be changed after the fact, but my suggestion is to use the same name as your website, but with proper grammar and spacing. For example:


Will become "iPhone 5 Cases" (as shown below).

After this, you get to choose your theme. Me personally, I don't waste a ton of time with this. I choose a theme that I think looks good and will match my topic. In this case I have selected the "Debut" theme from the first page of the themes.

To select a theme you simply click the "Select" button associated with that theme. This will turn the button into a check mark with the term "Selected" beside it (as shown below).

Now, I don't want you spending too long on this step either. You can look through the themes and choose something that you like, but this can always be changed after the fact (it is very easy to change a theme after your have created your site).

After you have selected your theme, click "Next Step".

This is going to take you to the final step where you get to build your site!!

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muskyblood Premium
Great add for WA! You guys keep evolving, and it is awesome. How easy it is now for someone to get their first site online and learn the ropes without spending any money on domains and stuff. You guys kick arse!
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, that is the absolute goal...to take some of the major initial hurdles and risks out of getting rolling. I think that once people see that they can do this by getting to touch and feel something (in this case there own site), it will lead to much greater forward progress!

Thanks for your feedback!
jghwebbrand Premium
You have explained and illustrated this very well. Thank you. I am going to share this with my new WAer. It will help him tremendously. This resource is also something I can use to show someone who is thinking about trying the 10-day free trial, but needs encouragement as to how easy it is to create a website.
I am glad you are offering free websites. This will give me a place where I can take the time I need to convert one of my big 'old Site Rubix' sites. I checked my 'old' Site Rubix site out on a mobile device and it needs some cosmetic help.
Thanks again for the efforts you and Carson put into WA. You really demonstrate your passion to help all of us succeed. George
Kyle Premium Plus
You should definitely start moving moving your old site over to a new framework. There are many sites (wordpress themes) now that have mobile versions which is great if a good deal of your traffic is from mobile devices.

Thanks for your feedback. and your appreciation. We are and will always continue to evolve WA to become better and better to members.
jespinola Premium
Great Training Kyle. Easily to understand. Thank you for helping us =)
David_S Premium
Very nice breakdown Kyle. Its all so easy to set up really. In regards to the themes available are the best ones listed first or just a jumble that one has to sift through to see what themes are relevant?
Kyle Premium Plus
Typically the most current themes are the ones on the first couple of pages. You can go through and favourite your best themes if you like. Just because they are on the first page does not mean they are the "best" themes, but it means they are some of the latest.
Sir William Premium
All I can say is very nice, timing is good, and as everyone told me keep at and it will come. I am and it is. Thanks